Life Goes On

By Don Ray Williams
April 29,2008

I’ll tell you a story of long long ago,
Of how two people met and how their love did flow.

As each would look in the other’s eyes,
Their intense feelings, they could not disguise.

But fate stepped in, as it sometimes does,
And he had to move, for work, and leave his love.

From Panama to Bangladesh,
Still, to reunite was their greatest wish.

So she picked up and followed him,
It appeared once more that love would win.

However fate again, imposed its will,
And for some unknown reason, she fell ill.

They decided for her to return to her home and family for a while,
Not realizing that she was with child.

Days changed to weeks, then months then years,
I am sure they both shed many tears.

Neither knew what happened to the other,
And try as they may, they could not discover.

Life goes on. Never easy. Never certain. Some lose. Some win.
But, I’ll continue, this isn’t the end.

Two people living in worlds far apart,
Remaining in the other’s mind and in the other’s heart.

He vowed to search forever, to continue this quest,
Wishing only for her, the very best.

I will tell you that recently, by luck and by chance,
He was able to find his past romance.

And while she had married and her life had moved on,
The love that they had shared, had born them a son.

This story is not perfect, but it is also not sad.
For a man now knows his son, and his son now knows his dad.

7 thoughts on “Life Goes On

  1. Wow! Well done again Don! I am so happy with how Giancarlo’s quest has developed. Many blessings to you and all the people who made it possible. I always enjoy your poems.

  2. Great Job Don, However there are many others in Panama who aren’t as fortunate. There are hundreds of eligible children and dependent wives who cannot locate their fathers or spouses. Some servicemen have passed away and the dependents are not receiving the compensation they are entitled to. Panama has no treaty for these dependents with the US like other countries such as Germany. I encourage any one in these situations to get a hold of the Department of Veterans affair at 1 800 827 1000. or write “Department of Veterans Affair, Regional Office and Insurance Center, Box 42954 Philadelphia PA 19101 Include copies of DD form 214, SSN Name of service member and marriage birth certificates. Do not send originals! They will send you a form to fill out8 pages long, VA form 21-534 You might also get this form in Corozal at the VA office there or the VFW in Curundo I think they are still there. I’m doing this right now on another person i know To help her and her dependents out.

  3. Brought tears to my eyes. I was wondering when you were going to write another poem, and wow you did! Awesome, touching and filled with joy and hope. You are a special caring person, my friend.

  4. Thanks for letting us know the end of this story via your very nice poem. Congratulations! Thank you also for doing all possible to find Giancarlo’s son. It’s great that they will be able to communicate with each other. Keep up the good work!

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