And The World Gets Smaller

I shut off the PC earlier than usual last night or I would have seen an email come in containing wonderful news.

The sender of the email was sitting with Ester and her son and they were requesting the email address of Giancarlo,

Both Ester and her son included a message to Giancarlo, and I have forwarded their email to him as well as I have provided them with Giancarlo’s email.

I can’t tell you how emotional, this sort of thing makes me. This is the type of story that usually only shows up in theaters, and yes, I cry in those movies as well.

My thanks go out the Panamanian (who requested to remain anonymous) that acted as the intermediary in assisting in this project.

11 thoughts on “And The World Gets Smaller

  1. Don,

    Many of us really enjoy your blog, and consider it very worthwhile. If you’ve ever had personal doubts about whether it’s worth it, or serves any high and fine purpose, this one thing should remove them.

    James Feltus

  2. Hi James. Thanks for the kind words. You are correct. When something, such as this occurs, I think it touches everyone. The real credit for the positive end to this story, goes to Giancarlo and his undying desire to connect with those he had become separated from.

  3. As I said before, Don Ray: pretty amazing. Another upbeat example of your contribution to internet interaction, to the USA, and to Panama.

  4. Hi Tom, You give me more credit than I deserve. While I am happy that I shared in this experience, my part was accidental. Giancarlo’s actions are the one’s to be commended.

  5. Dear Don ray, yesterday I send a message to my darlings, unlikely your copy (, was not delivered because the above mentioned address still out of operation.
    Today I will try again to the address that you forwarder me few days ago, hopefully you will getted.
    I gather the occasion to thank all those people who have been nearby to you (and me), a particular thanks to (name of intermediary removed by Don Ray as she desires to remain anonymous) for the information. For 26 years I have had nighttime nightmares, the last night I have not slept for the happyness. As soon as possible I will return’ to David and I hope with the occasion to toast with you and all those people that have helped us in this event, with sincerity forever,


  6. Giancarlo,

    I can assure you that everyone, that read your story, is delighted that you received helpful information. I wish you the best of luck going forward. If I can be of any other assistance, feel free to ask.

  7. Hi Don, for all the bad the internet can do, this story right here is proof that the internet is good. Two people, world’s apart, were reunited by your blog. That is a wonderful thing.

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