A Visit To Rancho De Caldera

Chris and Gina McCall invited me to spend a night at their resort, Rancho de Caldera, in exchange for my providing a review of my time there. I state that up front as a small disclaimer. Chris said that what I wrote would be up to me and whether I was pro or con was not his concern. He only wanted my honest evaluation. Under those guidelines, I happily accepted Chris and Gina’s hospitality.

The Rancho de Caldera website contains complete information on what is available including rates, amenities, and contact information.

Driving toward Boquete from David, turn right at the main road going to Caldera.

Keep your eyes pealed for the sign in the photo to the right.
The entire road is very good,

When you enter Caldera, turn left at this church.

Follow the driving instructions provided in the Rancho de Caldera site until you see this sign.

The Rancho de Caldera residence and resort are up the hill in the center of the photo below. It will be from two to four months until the final touches have been made and they are fully available for all guests. This is an upper scale resort. “A siesta for your soul” is how Chris describes it on his site.

First some basics. There are three units, each containing three separate rooms. They are connected and depending on the size of your party, you can use one, two or three of then. The center room contains a full kitchen as you can see in this photo.

It also contains a living room setting and a bed to the side.

This is taken from the adjacent room. It is designed to be used standalone.

You can see the connecting walkway, that will be completed in a week or so. This photo also gives you a peek at the construction of these building.

Everything that has been constructed on Rancho de Caldera uses M2 construction. Chris is quite a proponent of M2 and if you want to talk to a person with practical experience, you should talk to him.

All accommodations are first class. for example, all rooms contain an iJoy massage chair and ottoman. If you are tense, this chair will take care of you. Each room has been thoughtfully planned. There are lighting controls on both sides of the bed, that allow you to control all lighting without having to get up.

Each room has DirecTv. There is wireless high speed connectivity to the Internet. The rooms, that don’t have the full kitchen, have a microwave, toaster, coffee maker and mini refrigerator.

But the best thing about these rooms, is their view. All have been designed facing the east and the sun coming over the mountains, in the distance, is nothing less than incredible. You need to get up a little early in the morning just to experience it.

Rancho de Caldera has it own wells providing ample water and all electricity is generated on site. Even the pool, shown in the following photo, is unique. It uses salt water electrolysis to generate its own chlorine, providing crystal clear water without the oder of chlorine. You will be swimming in soft water and when you leave the pool your skin will feel great.

The pool area contains this covered restaurant area, allowing a wonderful place to host any type of party.

This is a working ranch as are its adjoining neighbor’s ranches. There are cattle, horses, majestic views and wonderful weather year round.

Still, the thing that makes Rancho de Caldera most unique, besides providing a siesta for your soul, is its wonderful hosts. Two finer people than Chris and Gina, you will not find. I thank them for providing me the opportunity to preview, what will most likely become one of the most desired tourist destinations in Chiriquí.

If you visit Rancho de Caldera, tell Chris and Gina, that you learned about them through Chiriquí Chatter.

11 thoughts on “A Visit To Rancho De Caldera

  1. An even better resource on M2 is http://www.m2panel.com/. I see at this site that this is a Panamanian product (manufactured by Hopsa). The construction is not what I thought I saw on the link from my other comment. Actually, the foam is the core, and concrete is placed over the core with gunite (spray gun deployed concrete). For those of us who’ve watched concrete swimming pools being built, it’s the same process as placing the concrete for those.

    There are claims that this is very good for earthquake, and I expect it is better than a lot of concrete block construction. Concrete block construction often has insufficient reinforcement, but the M2 has continuous reinforcement inside and out (including the roof, apparently).

    Color me impressed.

  2. Wow, that places looks great. My father’s family is from Caldera, and still have family who lives there. The rest of my family lives outside of Caldera, about 20 minutes further up, a place called El Cope.

  3. Kim and I stayed there in March and enjoyed it. Chris and Gina are wonderful hosts and the place has some great views. Did you mention that they are off grid and most of their electricity there comes from the sun or the river? (Yes they do have a diesel backup generator). So Chris is also a wealth of information on solar and mini-hydro power. We look forward to another visit when we can get in the pool. It was out of commission temporarily when we stayed there.

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