Amigos Restaurant in Boquete

I was in Boquete on Friday at lunchtime and visited the Amigos Restaurant. I had read a good review on it and thought I would give it a try.

It had a pretty good sized crowd for lunch time. There were many sitting in the outside area, and when I left the inside was full as well.

I ordered a Habana sandwich. I thought it was tasty and I was pleased with my choice. I did have to pat down my fries to remove the grease, but that was no problem.

The prices were reasonable. What I had to eat was good. I thought the environment was pleasant and I would have no problem in returning one day.

I should mention that Amigos provides WIFI for PC connection. The signal was good enough to connect from the park across the street. Unfortunately, the connection is unencrypted and as I could connect from the park, so could any person with appropriate software, monitor any thing that you type.

5 thoughts on “Amigos Restaurant in Boquete

  1. Hi Don,
    Tino, the tall, bilingual Panamanian that used to work (your helpful hardware guy) at the Do It Center in David is now the manager at Amigos. He is doing a better job there than some of the previous management. The Do It Center’s loss is Boquete’s gain.

  2. Hi John. I have always had good service at Friday’s. I find the food to be good or at least equal to a Friday’s in the US. Not sure I would go as far as to classify it as Amazing.

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