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This was a follow up to a previous post. The purpose of the other post and this post was to provide enough information that a possible contact could be made between two people.

I have removed the previous post as well as information on this post that is no longer needed. I considered the information personal and provided it before just to allow the process to take place. It has and the information is no longer needed.

I will leave only minimal information here. I hope you can understand my desire to provide those involved with anonymity.

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  1. Hi Don Ray:

    A couple of ideas. Head on over to the town hall and ask. The way things go, she’s probably still working there. Also, how about registers of births?

  2. Hello Don;

    Local polititian – Representante – may help; After quick check with municipality, Seguro Social records are best, and / or Passport office, she had one to travel.
    Also a radio station can make 4 calls and get the info.

    Hope we have a happy ending

  3. I assume David probably has a local paper? Maybe they’d run an extended version of this as a human interest item.

    That’s about all I can think of.

  4. Tom, Arnie, and Mike. All good ideas, some of which I had also thought of. Hopefully next week I can take some time to pursue some of them. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments.

  5. Do they still air messages in Radio Chiriqui? I know Don Ramon’s broadcasts in the morning used to air messages from people looking for people.
    I enjoy your blog very much!

  6. I was adopted at age 3, and after many years of searching, and many dead ends, found my brothers and sisters, about 9 yrs ago. (I’m now 63 yrs old.) This was in the U.S., however my records were sealed and not easily accessible. And for many years of my search the Internet was not yet available as a search tool.

    What finally got results was extensive searches and research on the Internet, of adoption/reuniting related sites. I had gathered as much information as I was able about what I knew of my past, (my adopted father being very much against my inquiries, but letting slip bits of information that he’d held to himself when he got agitated. A trick I managed to exploit. Loved my father deeply, however this was a strong point of contention between us).

    I posted all of my accumulated information, i.e. place of birth, any medical info., incl. hospital, etc., on numerous adoption/birth/ reuniting, etc. sites. And I finally, got a “hit” from a woman who was born in the same state and county as I had been born.

    She then gave me the name and phone # of an investigator in that area who had reunited her with her birth family. The investigator tracked down my remaining family (3 brothers and 4 sisters – I’m the youngest of 9 children). He contacted them and asked permission for me to contact them.

    They had been wondering about me for years, and thought that I’d died at birth. They’d all found each other (2 sisters also adopted) about 30 yrs ago. They were very happy to know about me, that I was well, and had had opportunities in life that remaining with our birth family would not have made possible. Our mother and father were, as we say, “dirt poor”.

    The investigator had a good policy. The searcher would only pay him his fee if he or she got results. It was not a large fee. This was a work of passion for him.

    During my search, I came across several international adoption search sites for people who had been born in one country, adopted, and raised in other countries. These sites related to both birth parents searching, as well as adoptee’s searching.

    Even though Giancarlo’s child, from what he has said, most likely was not adopted, I’m sure there are many permutations of this general searching for one’s missing family member scenario.

    I would suggest that Giancarlo may be helped by posting as much information as he has available on as many appropriate sites as he can find, as well as continuing to reseach local Panama records, etc. I think some Internet sites charge a fee, however I only used free sites for my search. His child, or child’s mother, or another family member on the child’s mother’s side, may be searching for him as well.

    One important factor is that the one being searched for wants to reunite, as well as the one searching. And the outcomes are not always happy ones. So one must have a great deal of patience, and not have any tightly constructed set of expectations.

    My situation has turned out well in general. Because I was an adoptee, it is very good to have my own biological family medical history. And I maintain ongoing contact with one of my brothers, and two of my sisters. There’s lots of stories in my biological family’s past. Quite interesting, some of it quite sad and tragic. But I personally am not at all sorry that I made the search. And they seem glad to know I’m out here, as well.

    I hope relating some of my experience and search avenues helps. And I hope that this search of Giancarlo’s is a sincere one. I wish him the very best, and patience, patience, patience.

    If I think of anything else useful will post it.

  7. Don Ray good morning, hopes that to the reception of mine new, both you and family all feels in good health. In these days I have spent the greatest part of the time reading the comments to the blog and particularly the article related to the search of Ester. I hope that when you or any other ones will be able to get Ester and son news, to take into consideration (as a must) Ester and son privacy, because only they shall judge if and how much they will be interested to my person.
    I am also supposing that she is married and does not want and/or not like reveal our past story, for this the most important for me is to know that she and is son are in good health. I was loving Ester since the first day and I will love for the rest of my life. A sincere thanks to Tom, Arnie, Mike, Kayra and Charlotte for all of you have done for me.

    For Charlotte, when I reading its comment, I have remained really impressed by her internal and moral strenght, I warm desire to thank her for the beautiful words and of all those people that have affectionately been me near in these days. However the thinks will go I have understood that exist to the world honest and sincere peoples.
    I am also planning at my age (62) to grant as soon as possible a vacation to David.

    Don Ray once again a big thanks,

  8. Dear Giancarlo,
    I was very touched by your words about me. Thank you so much. Life is, if nothing else, and exquisite, mysterious, and rich journey. We are all walking here together. May your sorrows be equaled by your joys. Best of luck amigo.

    And thank you Don Ray for maintaining a forum that allows for dialogue, such as in this situation, possible and accessible, and for being so gracious and responsive on your blog.

  9. Hi Don:

    I have found a private, trustful way to contact both through a common friend. G Sr., I am a Spanish speaker and about the same age of G´s mom. Since CC is a public Internet site, I´d suggest those interested in helping Giancarlo to contact Don Ray via a private e-mail.


  10. I have been contacted by a person, offline, who has offered to act as the intermediary in finding out Ester’s wishes in this situation. Ester has been identified.

    Thanks to all who have monitored this post and especially to the person that contacted me offering assistance.

    It will most likely take a little more time, but it appears, one way or another, there will be closure.

    If you still want to do something constructive, I would ask that you say a prayer for all involved.

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