Goodies From QING SONG

I have a really sweet neighbor that travels to Panama City often. Many times she has returned with a treat of unusual nature for me. Never would I have known of many of these items, had it not been for her.

On her latest trip she brought this package labeled QING SONG. I can’t tell you what the package says, but I am sure it translates to, “Good Stuff Inside”.

Wrapped inside each item is the same unique fruit. It is both sweet and a little tart at the same time. The texture is sort of like a fig, but it has small seed that makes me think it is from the plum variety.

If you see this package in any of the Chinese stores, pick it up. I am sure it will fix what is ailing you.

4 thoughts on “Goodies From QING SONG

  1. Well, I think I would check first before eating it; China’s reputation for food these days makes me nervous…when your email is up again, I’ll send you some photos of sweet and sour rat being prepared.

  2. The “candy” is a preserved plum called “chim pee moy”, or something similar, depending on the dialect. Both Chinese and non-Chinese enjoy the taste, but I suppose it could be considered an acquired one, especially if one allows one’s imagination to run wild. Indeed, you have a very thoughtful neighbour that brings you nice things. I hope you will save one for Sophia’s next visit.

  3. Hi Yvette. Yes I have an extremely thoughtful neighbor. Doubt if these will last till Sofia returns, but I will make sure there is something here that she will like.

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