Pandería Santana

Between Concepcion and David, on the right side of the road as you head toward David, you will find Pandería Santana. I have been planing to stop for some time and returning from Santa Marta yesterday seemed like a good time.

This is sort of in the middle of nowhere, but I bet it is a blessing to those that live in this rural area. Many travel by foot, bicycle, or bus in this area, and to have a nice bakery close by has got to be a treat.

The bakery has various breads,

cookies, empanadas, sweet rolls, and other goodies.

This is Lourdes. If you stop in, tell you you saw her on Chiriquí Chatter.

I stocked up several items and they have all been tasty. I especially liked the vanilla and chocolate cake with peanuts.

Stopping in the restaurant, next door,

I was greeted by this nice lady.

The restaurant serves comida curiente, which will usually be some type of meat, rice and beans. I didn’t ask the price, but would think it would be less than $2.00.

The restaurant had a nice patio out back and this beautiful house, and well kept grounds, behind it. Within a short distance were three types of fruit trees.

The first tree was loaded with fruit. The fruit is called toronja in Panama. In looking it up, I see that that translates to grapefruit.

I was admiring this fruit, when the the fellow you see, walking in toward the house, a couple photos back, came and knocked it down and gave it and another to me to try. I had some when I got home and it was as sweet a grapefruit as I have ever had. I would have never recognized it as a grapefruit, from the shape of the one you see hanging here.

The next fruit tree was a guanábana. Here is a closeup.

The last tree contained lemons. Note that the lemons here are not yellow.

Well, that is it for Pandería Santana. If you are driving by, stop in. You will like whatever you buy.

8 thoughts on “Pandería Santana

  1. Don,

    Sounds great. Do they have good Jewish rye bread? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere, even in PC. I would kill for a Ruben sandwich, even made with the excellent pastrami.


  2. Glad to see you’re back online, Don, but there you go showing me all this good food again. My wife and I loved the breads and snacks we bought at the local bakeries in Panama, and oh boy, were they inexpensive! Here, in our little town of Lenoir, NC, our bakery closed a couple of years ago, and the only really good bread is 45 minutes one-way, so we only get it when we happen to be up there (in Boone). Or, on the occasional Blue Moon, I bake some!

  3. I keep seeing Dan Miller on here. We met a Dan Miller, wife and kids at Cielito Sur in Volcan. I think had an antique auto parts company. I’ve been wondering if he’s one and the same?

  4. I was at that bakery this morning and it was great! The best baked goods I have had on my short visits here. I´m sure there are more great bakeries around the area, but was excited to find that one.

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