Not Jimmy Dean But Just As Good

I was at PriceSmart today to restock my fridge. I have seen several people, on the Yahoo Group, creating a want list for El Rey to carry special items. One of the items is Jimmy Dean Sausage. Any time I am out of sausage and PriceSmart has this sausage, in the photo above, I buy it. It is every bit as good as Jimmy Dean as far as my taste buds are concerned.

11 thoughts on “Not Jimmy Dean But Just As Good

  1. Don Ray:
    ” In Rome, do what Romans do”. If Jimmy Dean sausages can not be found, maybe they should try something else (like you have suggested). I believe is out of touch to request a grocery store to carry an item that not that many customer will buy. I can tell you it is hard for me to find decaffeinated coffee or drinks when I go to Panama but I have to tolerate it.
    Good job in the blog!
    Jaime (CA)

  2. Hello Don:
    We have been buying Jones all natural sausage for several months at PriceSmart. In my book it is much better tasting sausage then Jimmy Dean and the sausage contains no grizzil. This is really a premium product. I just hope PriceSmart continues to keep it on the shelf…


    I was so excited this morning when I went on line and saw you were back. WHAT A RAY OF SUNSHINE

  4. My theory of purchasing has been to buy when I see it, then buy extra in the hope that I am encouraging the store to continue to stock the product. I have to agree about the sausage – very tasty. I recently found regular Dr. Pepper at the Super 99, but the shelf was bare when I went last week.

  5. Your theory is good, but in practice, I am not sure the Panamanian Super Markets keep a good enough monitor on what sells and what doesn’t. I see some items stay way past the expiration date, while products that are placed on the shelf and removed in one day take a month or two if ever to restock.

  6. I guess it is a matter of taste. I have eaten a bunch of Jimmy Dean sausage, since I am from Texas and I think the links are every bit as good. They also have JD croissants at Pricesmart, I buy them also.

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