Yesterday Was An Interesting Day (Not One Of My Favorites)

As you can tell, Chiriquí Chatter appears to be alive and well once again. Yesterday was not a good day, in more ways than one! It took until about 9:00PM last night, for me to get everything straightened out. Most of the time was due to my lack of experience in searching for malicious code. The first time I re-installed WordPress, I put the bad code back in the new installation. It was pretty well disguised.

I am not sure how the the bad code got in, but I suspect it entered via my host’s server and potentially, there are other affected users. I could be wrong. If you visited Chiriquí Chatter, when it was infected, then the malicious code would have tried to deliver a Trojan virus to your PC. That is the reason I took CC off line.

If your Anti-Virus program didn’t notify you that malicious code was trying to be delivered to your PC, then I would double check that your OS and Anti-Virus are current and up to date. AVAST, a free AV, had no problem in recognizing and preventing the problem. I brought up Windows XP for a short time, to see the symptoms there, after being notified by a Chiriquí Chatter reader of what he was seeing. AVAST, gave me a lot of information about where the Trojan was trying to redirect traffic to.

I still have a little more work to do, but, all in all, things look pretty good. I took the opportunity to upgrade the MistyLook theme to 3.6, but I don’t think you will notice any difference. I looked at a couple new themes. I might change again one of these days. Redecorating is a part of blogging for me.

I need to reinstall my WordPress automatic backup plug-in, so that I get daily backups. I still have a lot of work to do to get all posts reflected in the Tag Cloud.

When I completed getting CC back up under the standard theme last night, I came down with the same illness that has attacked the rest of the house. I spent the next 5 hours making runs to the bathroom. My insides now are clean as a whistle. I feel a little weak, but am no longer in an emergency state of needing a close proximity to the porcelain throne.

I guess that is enough of a technical and physical update. I hope the Internet terrorists will be kept at bay for a while. Thanks again to the reader that was so helpful in diagnosing the problem and assisting me in getting CC back up.

6 thoughts on “Yesterday Was An Interesting Day (Not One Of My Favorites)

  1. Hi Don:

    I can see your site is back to normal after a dark night. When something goes sour, I know who to contact.

    Congratulations on a job well done!


  2. Thank goodness you are back and the alert is passed. Thanks for the BD wishes. Don’t forget dads on May 3. Thanks for a job well done. Jan

  3. Man! That must have been a nail-biter….

    Glad you recovered OK; this is one of my daily online “fixes” and I’d sure hate to see you down for any period of time.

  4. Hi Mike. Yes, it really caused me to do some research. However, learning new things is always a good thing.

    It is the stomach virus that is still taking its toll.

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