Chiriquí Chatter Outage

Chiriquí Chatter Outage

At 9:17 AM, Panama Time, several files were altered in the WordPress files on my web host. That resulted in Chiriquí Chatter not displaying or operating correctly. I noticed that all have different permissions and thought that may the extent of the alteration. I was wrong.

It didn’t display under Firefox or any of the other Firefox type of browsers. It “sort of” displayed under Opera.

I received an email from a reader, who said his Anti-Virus was displaying a warning. I rebooted under Windows and tried accessing Chiriquí Chatter under Internet Explorer. My Anti-Virus (AVAST) immediately went off telling me that there was a “Trojan Virus” trying to be delivered by the following address:\matrixclass

Obviously all websites, such as mine, can get hacked and you as a user may get infected by visiting an infected site. If you are using a Microsoft OS, I recommend that you do make sure your Anti-Virus is up to date as well as all OS updates applied.

I appreciate the reader that notified me of what he was seeing at his location. This provided information that I didn’t have at that time.

I notified my Web host of my problem and said I wouldn’t do anything until I heard from them. I never heard so I asked again and received the following response:


In order for us to investigate this, it will be $75/hour. If you’ve been hacked, restore from the latest backup. Your database shouldn’t be affected, only PHP files would be. Make sure you have the latest version of your script.

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Peter Wakefield
Customer Service Manager
VistaPages, Inc.

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: YQN-757519
Department: Technical Support
Priority: Urgent
Status: Awaiting Reply

With the knowledge that I would receive no real assistance from the Web host, I reinstalled WordPress. I appear to be running, but all is not completely well. As you can see (assuming you are reading this before I solve the problems) I am on the Standard WordPress theme. I think I have some permission issues and am still chasing the problems.

It may take me some time to get this fixed. I am not even sure if I can make a post. I guess this will test that.

9 thoughts on “Chiriquí Chatter Outage

  1. Hi Don:

    Your host should get some lessons on Customer Service. I hope you get the problem fixed ASAP. Will visit your site regularly during the day.



  2. I visited last night and noticed the spelling of Chiriqui was wrong. Also, I’ve been looking around and can not find your links.

  3. Hi Mary. Well when you are with a low price provider, you get what you pay for.

    Omar – It will take some time to get all put back together.

    John – The spelling was a problem with the Character set. I have always used the Latin1 set.

  4. Just wondering if you were able to clear your website of this problem. I am currently undergoing the same problem and have had to shut down my own website until I can repair the damage. Good luck if you haven’t already figured it out!

  5. Yes, I removed the bad code and everything is back up and running. It took a complete re-install of WordPress. There were two main files that caught me when I re-installed. The second time, I cleaned those files and all was fine.

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