Have Food – Will Attend

Yesterday evening, I was invited by Señorita Lucy, of Viaje Crisol, to attend a briefing on the 2008 – 2009 cruise schedule. This was of interest to me after following the progress of Lee and Jenifer on their cruise on Lee’s blog (Boquete Panama Guide).

The presentation was held in Hotel Puerta del Sol in its private meeting room. I would guess there were about 49 Panamanians and one gringo. Lucy knows that if there is food available, I will probably show up with camera in one hand and a fork in the other.

Here is a photo of the group I was in. The fellow on the left is the one that made the presentation. He is Lic. Edwin Vásquez, a marketing manager for Royal Caribbean.

His presentation contained three different ship lines (Celebrity X Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Azamara). The changes to cruise ships, since I was on one, are enormous. They are almost destinations in themselves.

The food was great. Puerta del Sol usually does a good job with their food. They has some drink that had fruit in it that was especially good. I think I was told it had a melon liquor in it. I must find out for sure and buy some of that.

I understand that in December of 2008, there will be cruises leaving from Colon.

One sad note of the evening. I learned from Señorita Lucy, that over when she entered her business on Monday, she found that someone thought she should upgrade all of her business equipment. To assist her they had taken all of her PCs, fax machines and telephones. They had tried to remove the door to her safe, unsuccessfully.

She said it had been 20 years since anyone had broken into her business. She is now in the process of replacing her equipment.

If you, like me, are interested in learning more or planning a cruise, I am sure that Viaje Crisol will be happy to assist you. Your cruise might even help pay for the new equipment Lucy is going to buy this week. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Have Food – Will Attend

  1. dear don-ray,

    so sorry about senorita lucy’s loss of equipment even worse it is such a

    violation but it is not to be taken personally just bless & release!

    as with you i was following lee & jennifer’s cruise we have never been

    on a cruise so it was enlightening. i think the virtual food 24/7 on

    a cruise is scary! thank you for keeping this armchair traveler in-

    formed. ellen

  2. It has been a while since I have gone on a cruise. I am willing to take another when I see something that really interests me.

  3. Don if we knew you wanted to come we would have invited you along! The cruise was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see and experience Southern South America. Royal Caribbean provides a luxury floating hotel with good food that takes you on a tour you could not easily do any other way.

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