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Business conventions are important because they demonstrate how many people a company can operate without.

Life Goes On

By Don Ray Williams
April 29,2008

I’ll tell you a story of long long ago,
Of how two people met and how their love did flow.

As each would look in the other’s eyes,
Their intense feelings, they could not disguise.

But fate stepped in, as it sometimes does,
And he had to move, for work, and leave his love.

From Panama to Bangladesh,
Still, to reunite was their greatest wish.

So she picked up and followed him,
It appeared once more that love would win.

However fate again, imposed its will,
And for some unknown reason, she fell ill.

They decided for her to return to her home and family for a while,
Not realizing that she was with child.

Days changed to weeks, then months then years,
I am sure they both shed many tears.

Neither knew what happened to the other,
And try as they may, they could not discover.

Life goes on. Never easy. Never certain. Some lose. Some win.
But, I’ll continue, this isn’t the end.

Two people living in worlds far apart,
Remaining in the other’s mind and in the other’s heart.

He vowed to search forever, to continue this quest,
Wishing only for her, the very best.

I will tell you that recently, by luck and by chance,
He was able to find his past romance.

And while she had married and her life had moved on,
The love that they had shared, had born them a son.

This story is not perfect, but it is also not sad.
For a man now knows his son, and his son now knows his dad.

How come it takes so little time for a child who is afraid of the dark to become a teenager who wants to stay out all night?

A Visit To Rancho De Caldera

Chris and Gina McCall invited me to spend a night at their resort, Rancho de Caldera, in exchange for my providing a review of my time there. I state that up front as a small disclaimer. Chris said that what I wrote would be up to me and whether I was pro or con was not his concern. He only wanted my honest evaluation. Under those guidelines, I happily accepted Chris and Gina’s hospitality.

The Rancho de Caldera website contains complete information on what is available including rates, amenities, and contact information.

Driving toward Boquete from David, turn right at the main road going to Caldera.

Keep your eyes pealed for the sign in the photo to the right.
The entire road is very good, Continue reading A Visit To Rancho De Caldera

And The World Gets Smaller

I shut off the PC earlier than usual last night or I would have seen an email come in containing wonderful news.

The sender of the email was sitting with Ester and her son and they were requesting the email address of Giancarlo,

Both Ester and her son included a message to Giancarlo, and I have forwarded their email to him as well as I have provided them with Giancarlo’s email.

I can’t tell you how emotional, this sort of thing makes me. This is the type of story that usually only shows up in theaters, and yes, I cry in those movies as well.

My thanks go out the Panamanian (who requested to remain anonymous) that acted as the intermediary in assisting in this project.

A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you’re in deep water.

Crime And Prevention

Recently, I posted about a couple house invasions that have occurred in Chiriquí. I didn’t do this to create panic or to cause fear in moving to Panama. I did post it to raise awareness. There are plenty publications that promote only the beauty of this country and its people and rarely will these publications have anything on crime. Why? Because their business is bringing tourists and investors to Panama and not frightening them off.

I am not trying to frighten anyone off either. I am just trying to remind people that Panama and its neighboring countries are poor by US standards, and that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Some of the discussion in the previous posts listed firearms as a solution. I am not, for myself, all that much in favor of this option, but it may be the right option for some people.

So let me just ramble a little. This may be worthwhile and it may not. Continue reading Crime And Prevention