Sofia Goes To Pizza Hut

Sofia has come to visit and yesterday, when I asked her what she wanted to eat, she said, “PIZZA”. Now I like a female than can make a decision!

When I asked her where, she said “Pizza Hut”. Even better, all decisions were easily made and off we went.

Now that we are here, Sofia, what kind of pizza do you want. Ah, I knew it couldn’t last. I may have to take over from here and start making the decisions.

Don’t be embarrassed Sofia. I think all women have a problem deciding what they want on their pizza.

“Now if you are going to make fun of me, I just won’t talk to you anymore”!

Talk, talk, talk. That is all you adults do.

I can’t believe you all keep calling me cute. But I have to admit. You are right!

Boy of boy! These bread sticks are good to the very last crumb!

Now that the bread sticks are gone, you all keep talking. I am just going to solve this puzzle.

Did you know you can make tattoos on your knuckles?

Let’s see. What is five letters across, round, covered with tomato sauce, meat, and cheese? I know. PIZZA!

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. Do you think that I am fat?

Now in all seriousness. We had a great time. When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted with Darwin’s smiling face and led to our table. He gave us the menus , told us the specials of the day, and said that Isabela would be around to take our order.

We ordered a family special, which came with bread sticks, hot wings, a family sized pizza and a large pitcher of soda.

I am sure you want to know, so I will tell you that the pizza arrived in 37 minutes. However, with the special, it is not a problem because the bread sticks came out quickly and the wings followed in an appropriate amount of time. We all had a great time. Especially Sofia, because she loves Pizza Hut pizza and eats a lot in Panana City.

I have to tell you that the most impressive part of our time there (not taking away from the food, because it was all good) was the attention, attitude and infectious smiles of Darwin and Isabela. If you drop in to Pizza Hut, tell Darwin and Isabela that Chiriqui Chatter said hello.

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