Free For The Asking.

When my Canon printer broke, I had one replacement cartridge of ink I hadn’t used. I will give it to the first person that can use it and can pick it up in David.

2 thoughts on “Free For The Asking.

  1. I do not do a lot of printing so I buy a cheap one. Recently I purchased a Canon iP1300. It cost something like $27.95. When I unpacked it I discovered it came with just the color cartridge. So I return to buy the one for black ink..get cost $25. The printer was manufactured in Vietnam.

  2. My Canon was a good printer. It had individual and black cartridges. All were pretty reasonably priced. I got a good 5 years out of it. I can’t complain. At the time I bought it, it was rated as about the best for price per page.

    Printers are the new version of the Kodak camera and ink is the film.

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