Chiriquí Chatter Amigo Map

It has been a while since I mentioned the Chiriquí Chatter Amigo Map. If you haven’t added yourself to the map, then now is as good a time as any. This map allows you to add a photo and to tell others about your interest in Chiriquí. Just click on the image above.

There is also another map, that displays where readers are located throughout the world. This is an interactive map and you can watch as people enter and leave the site. To see it, click HERE, and then click on the “MAP” tab. Both of these maps are also located on the right sidebar.

I will also remind you that I have added chat capability. You can use Yahoo messenger, Microsoft messenger or SKYPE. Both of the messengers will require the approval process of the messengers.

SKYPE will not normally be activate, so you may have to request me to turn it on. SKYPE does provide video capability.

For more information see the information related to chat in the sidebar to the right.

Now go have fun and thanks for dropping in.

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