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While I was at the airport today, I picked up the business cards for the car rental companies that were at the airport. I have created a separate post for each company. Hopefully the information will help those that are looking for rental car accommodations in David.

If you use the companies and want to report your experience, it would be better to post a comment on that company’s individual post rather than this post. Also if you find that this information is out of date, I will try to update it.

This post will act as a index to all rental car companies in David that I know about.

I am not associated with any of these companies and know nothing about their rates. Also don’t write asking for a recommendation. I have told you all I know.

The companies, as I know them today, are:









4 thoughts on “David Auto Rental Companies

  1. My family lives in Boquete = I havent been back for a long time.
    My wife, mother and myself will be coming over soon. just looking for housing. i own a home in florida (and I will be needing a rental car. Many thanks)

  2. Don Ray – Love your site!

    We are coming in mid January to Boquete via David for a week and then onto Bocas. Do you think we should reserve a 4×4 rather than 2 wheel? We plan on looking around at coffee plantations, hot springs and around the area in general.

    Also, I can’t seem to find out the best way to get to Bocas town from Boquete. Do you recommend driving from Boquete to Bocas (closest port near) or taking a public transport (if so, do you have a recommendation)? I’d like to avoid flying back to Pan City then onto Bocas, etc.

    Thank you in advance!

  3. If there is a chance you will be driving off the main highways a 4×4 might be a good idea. You might contact the places you are going to visit and ask their recommendation. There used to be flights from David to Bocas. I don’t know if there still is or not. Since I have never taken the time in 8+ years to go to Bocas, I am not a good one to ask. Maybe some else will comment. There are also buses from David to Bocas, but I have no information on them.

  4. I have been trying to remember to post our satisfaction with our car rental in July. We used http://www.expressrentpanama.com/ at this location http://goo.gl/maps/BI7xp after a bus trip from Panama City. We only needed a 2 day rental and the office even supplied a driver to take us back to the bus station at no charge so we didn’t have to wait for a taxi.

    They might be a newer office as I didn’t see the link for them in the listing.
    jim and nena

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