On my walk the other day, this Marañón seemed to be asking if I would immortalize it by putting its photo on the Internet. Who could resist such an invitation from such a beautiful specimen.

You may not be familiar with this fruit in this form, but you are probably familiar with something that comes from it (cashews).

8 thoughts on “Marañón

  1. Hello again, Don Ray,

    Thanks. I knew cashews were the seeds of some fruit, and not a bit like peanuts. Maybe I’ll get my head around it a little better now, although an older head can get a bit ossified and doesn’t wrap around things as easily. It’s a lot easier to think cashews come out of a 3-pound can from Sam’s Club or Costco. A quarter in the picture would be a help for us retards. How big is that thing? Does it contain several cashews or just one?

  2. There is just one cashew nut in the hard shell. The shell is just as hard as a Brazil nut. The locals will get an old flying pan and put over a wood fire to get the nuts to crack open. At one stage the cashew will produce a liquid which will burn your hands. Cashews come in red and yellow. The fruit is full of liquid and they make a drink with it.

  3. Ah, another reason to like Panama. We have a few cashew trees on our farm and I am looking forward to having some more of the tasty fruit. I missed picking any this trip. Oh well, next year.

  4. Just don’t eat too many. It probably won’t be a problem. I think it is easier to buy some at PriceSmart than to roast you own.

  5. Ah, yes, the old “flying pan” magic cookery. But for me, give me almonds, peanuts, Brazil nuts, pecans…(or, if you must, give me cashews).

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