Sunday Lunch in El Rincón Libanés

For last Sunday, we returned to El Rincón Libanés to have lunch. Here is what we had this day.

There were two plates of pasta. The first was with shrimp.

The second one was with chicken. Both were pronounced excellent.

I had “ Kafta de Cordero al Carbon”. This is a lamb dish. I enjoyed it, but since I had not had it before, I didn’t know what the consistency of the meat should be. It is ground lamb with all sorts of seasonings added. Very tasty. I thought the meat might have been a little dry, like it stayed on the grill a little too long. Maybe it is supposed to be the texture I had. I will say that the flavor was very exotic.

I have to admit, I have enjoyed all the dishes I have had here. This was my third trip and I have never been disappointed.

You can see more photos of the restaurant and the menu, HERE.

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  1. Don …how come you never gain weight ???? I have to start working out harder before I visit all this restaurants and try all this dishes… Yuuuummyyy!!!!!!

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