Daily Archives: March 28, 2008

Do You Understand About The Money Changers?

If you have a little time to spend, I have video for you to watch.

Actually, you are going to need more than a little time. While researching another subject on the Internet, I came upon this Google Video presenting a lot of history and information on the world banking situation and “The Money Changers”.

I haven’t studied economics or maybe I would have been familiar with this. Color me stupid.

Normally, I wouldn’t put this serious a subject on Chiriquí Chatter. However, on the slight chance that my kids will actually sit down and watch it, I am going to do so.

I really wish the major networks would present this, if they haven’t already done so.

This is not a short 10 minute “YouTube” video. This video is 3 hours and 35 minutes in length. It is like watching a PBS production. It was eye opening for me. However, I am but a mere country boy from Oklahoma.

Pop some corn and mix a cocktail. After watching it, one cocktail won’t be enough.

To see the video, click HERE.

The Ageless Project

It is said that, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. However as we get older, an idle mind is one that is headed toward uselessness. Mental exercise is probably as important as physical exercise.

When I moved to Panama, I started blogging to exercise my mind as much as I did to let my kids know that I was still alive living in a 3rd world country.

Many years ago, I found the “Ageless Project”. Here you will find many other bloggers with diverse interests. Both young and old have taken the time to register with this site. Some should be an inspiration to those that are neophytes to the aging process.

Take the “95 Years Old Blogger” for instance. Actually she is now 96, since she was born in December of 1911.. Now if you think you are too old to learn something about the new Internet world, think again!

If the weather man says “it’s a 50% chance of rain” does that mean he has no idea if it’s going to rain or not?