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I need to buy a new web cam, so I went by INFOX’s new location today. INFOX has move down the street from where they used to be and are next to DELTA Bank. Here is a photo of the store front.

Alex and Melissa are still getting settled in, but this store is a big improvement from their old location. As you will see from the following photos, you will find about anything you need for the house at INFOX.

These are some of their televisions. The monitor on the bottom shelf is the same as the one I am using.

You can see from this photo, that there is a lot more display area here and they have their storage area in the rear.

This area is set up with portable stereos. They will be adding a display case for digital cameras soon

This photo shows a small amount of washers, dryers and refrigerators.

They have all the latest stoves and electric dish washers.

By the cashier is some of the computer accessories. Don’t forget that Alex can order almost anything you need for your PC or even build you a new one, if you are in need of one.

If you stop in tell, Melissa and Alex that Chiriquí Chatter sent you. They have always treated me fairly and I recommend them. By the way, Melissa is the beautiful lady on the left and Alex is the handsome gent on the right.

14 thoughts on “INFOX New Location

  1. I purchase goods from Alex and Melissa last July 2007 for my new home and found them to be very helpful and reasonable on price. I will use them again in the future.

  2. HI DON

  3. I have always built my own, so I haven’t priced one for Alex to build. I have bought components from him (Case, DVD writers, etc) and Alex has always been competitive.

  4. I always meant to learn how to build a pc.

    Does it take long to build one, Don? Difficult to do?

  5. If you have the proper setup it is about a two hour task. It sometimes depends on how friendly the case is that you are assembling into.

  6. Two hours sounds brilliant. I must learn to do it. It has been one of my planned ‘things to do’ now for several years. I even bought a magazine or two. I just never got around to it.

    Does one save *much* by building your own, I wonder.

  7. It all depends. You can at least buy the components that you want and you will have a better understanding of what is in the box. The key is in buying a good case. It should have easy access, more than adequate power supply, and very good ventilation. Both of my cases are Cooler Master cases and they rank pretty high.

    I do it more for fun than savings.

  8. thanks for those tips….yes, I bet a case with good ventilation is a key thing in Panama. Easy access is always important. I have experience of pushing in soundcards and small things like that…and it can be hard when access is poor.

  9. hey i try to find alex, or his nick name “OREJON”.. so please somebody have a e-mail from him?

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