Cabalgata de David 2008

I have just heard that tomorrow will be the Cabalgata de David. I don’t know the exact route yet. The route will pass by Parque Cervantes. The time will be around 3:00 PM. If some else has more specifics, feel free to leave them as a comment.

For last years parade, click HERE.

4 thoughts on “Cabalgata de David 2008

  1. Hello Mr Williams,
    I called Ondas Chiricanas radio station and they found out
    that participants in “La Cabalgata” will gather at a plaza located in front of José María Roy School, just behind El Carmen Church. I regret I couldn´t find more details even at
    Thanks a million for the beautiful pictures. I have seen the fair thanks to your camera lenses and your timely clicks!

  2. Hi Hilda. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I don’t think I am going to go tomorrow. Someone else will have to that the photos of this parade.

  3. I have never seen “La Cabalgata” but from a friend´s porch on Obaldia Avenue, completely under the shade of trees. Good decision to let others take the pictures tomorrow, otherwise your skin would be scorched again…

  4. I have another potential outing coming up at the end of the month. I plan on buying plenty of sunscreen for it. If all goes well, I should bring back some good photos.

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