7 thoughts on “New Way of Obtaining Viruses in Your PCs

  1. As hard as it might seem to most people, I actually got a new PC with a virus on it. A big name company. They actually gave me a new one in exchange. It happens a lot and most people never know it. In my case it was a disgruntled employee, who knows who put the virus on your PC?

  2. Hi Don:

    This is getting totally out of hand and is really scary. Having four viruses on the digital picture frame is absolutely terrifying. I had no idea this was going on.

    Abe’s experience is unbelievable too. Thanks for the article Don. I’ll be more alert now.



  3. I had a client catch this virus. They were always careful in email, websites etc. Unfortunately, their anti-virus subscription lapsed and I guess they thought safe practices would help them. I was intrigued as well to the source of virus. Low and behold, it was from one of these very frames given as a Christmas gift.
    The virus was semi-hard to remove. Registry edits, and files (renamed, reboot, and then deleted, they won’t delete sometimes if the file is open/in use) Virus by some names was: Win32/Perlovga

    If you have a virus program up to date and installed, you should be safe to connect the picture frame via usb to computer to access its internal hard drive space and remove the autorun.inf and exe found. Once complete, it will be safe. Also you will more than likely get a prompt (vista at least) whether you want to run the autorun program, at which point you SHOULD say no.

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