Allen Hawkin’s David Fair Photos

Allen is a Panamanian, that posts on many of the Panama Yahoo groups. He posts photos, that he has taken from all over Panama. I am going to direct you to a current set he posted, that he took in the David area.

Allen does all of his talking with his camera. Walk with Allen as he takes you around David, and in the fair (both day and night). Words aren’t necessary. I think you will enjoy your time, seeing Panama as Allen sees it. Click HERE, then watch his slide show.

9 thoughts on “Allen Hawkin’s David Fair Photos

  1. That has to be the most boring slide show of my 90 year history on earth, Jesus Christ! where are the women!

  2. Hi Don,

    I started the slide show thinking, “This camera can’t shoot shadows worth beans.”, and ended it thinking “Man! Does this guy ever have an eye for color!”.

    Thanks, Allen, for bring David, the fair, and the luscious tropical colors back for me. Once I’m down there for a while, it’s too easy to take them for granted, but when I’m back here, I see how drab the North is, and I miss them.

    Oni, I think the problem must be that you have 90 year old eyes, if you missed the ladies; better go through it again, but more slowly.

    James Feltus

    James Feltus

  3. I wasn’t looking for any women, but Oni there’s nothing wrong with your eyes…Lots of guys is what I saw. That being said, I loved the pictures. I agree that the colors are amazing, as well as, the archeticture. James, where could you live that you would call it drab? I don’t think I’ve been anywhere that I’d call drab, maybe just darker shades of color that blend into gray at times.

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