Feria Internacional de David – 2008

I went to the fair yesterday. Jerry and I got there around noon. It doesn’t start getting crowded until about 4 or 5 PM. It is closing at 2:00 AM this year. I thought it went until at least 4 or 5 last year, but I was told they are closing earlier to avoid problems.

Just to do things different this year, I started on the left side of the park after entering. Here are a couple photos taken in the ride area. You can see that it is awaiting the kids to arrive.

In several areas of the park, you will find crafts and items from many countries. I was told that there were items from 14 different countries with exhibits this year.

I took a fancy to these hammocks. Now all I need to do is to get a place to hang one.

To the right was a pavilion with many leather goods and clothing. These were from Nicaragua.

Here are some decorative ceramics and some pretty painted hand fans. They didn’t show up well.

Need a new hat to wear to the finca? Here they are.

This display of leather goods is from Colombia.

Check out this little Panamanian cowgirl. Yee Ha!

You will find this type of food waiting for you all over the fair grounds.

These wood crafts are from Honduras.

I really liked this chest.

While I didn’t take photos of all the cars, I did take a few. Here is a new Skoda model from Czechoslovakia. It is built in association with Volkswagon.

Here is its 1.6 liter engine.

If you want American fast food, it is here too. Pizza Hut is to the left of this KFC. There was also a TGI Fridays here and another that I will show you in a bit.

Lets meander through the cattle barn.

Right before I took this photo a small calf had come up for me to pet. He wasn’t tied up and as I walked away, he followed me like a puppy. I think he thought I was his daddy. I hope this isn’t his daddy, because I wouldn’t want him mad at me.

If you read last year’s post, you may remember my talking about some Angus that was owned by Maritza Pearce of Volcan. She was exhibiting again this year and these are her beauties.

Outside the cattle barn were these young fellows waiting for some younsters to come and ride ponies. They are from Boquete and come every year. If you want to ride, you will need $1.

Here is one of several late night entertainment areas. If you go at night, don’t stand too close to the speakers. You will hear music a mile away.

Now we are going to enter the agriculture area. Everything you will see in the following photos is produced in Chiriquí (the breadbasket of Panama). Here are some palm fruit for making palm oil.

Check out these melons. They are ready for export.

Here is some of the fruit produced here.

And some vegetables.

Besides all of the wonderful food that Panama produces, it also produces beautiful women. These two nice ladies told me a lot about the produce in this area. The one on the right worked here and the one on the left was her friend.

To the left of the pineapple are several varieties of squash. Yes, the green one that resembles a watermelon is also a squash.

Here are some peppers and tomatoes.

Exiting to the rear, you will see many more vegetables.

This young lady was showing a new product that is coming to the supermarkets in David. It is dried pineapple and produced in Bocas del Toro.

Here is a closeup.

Here was another exhibit.

This young lady was passing out agricultural information from MIDA.

Everything is beautiful in Panama. The fair is a good place to see many flowers. I always stop to get a photo of an orchid.

I didn’t spend much time in this area, but there is always a lot of farm equipment.

This is another car area. Ford is sold by Distribuidora de David. If all of the car displays had lovely ladies, I would have taken more photos. 🙂

This was the only car I saw with a sticker so you can compare price.

Here is the sticker.

This flag area is always pretty. When I was taking this photo a Chiricano was painting the walk way. He started telling me about the flags for each country exhibiting. Then he told me that there was one special flag and led me around to see it. It was the flag for Chiriquí.

One thing about Chiriquí, is that its population is very proud of this country. You had to be there to hear the pride that came from this gentleman as he talked.

We had been walking for a quite a while and I was tired and ready to eat. What did I see, but a Dairy Queen. It has been years since I had a Dairy Queen, so I convinced Jerry that we should eat there.

I got to talking to the gentleman on the right who is from Panama City. He told me there are eight Dairy Queens in Panama City. Then he told me that by the end of the year there should be one in the area where Pizza Hut is located. That is good news.

I looked at the menu and went for a chili dog. I miss chili dogs and chili cheese and onion hamburgers. It was great, but I saved the last bite for you.

I topped of my meal with a cone. It was sooooooo good. I may have to go back to the fair just to have another.

Ok, now we are going to go through the center exhibit buildings. I always enjoy this area. You will see why.

I thought Maxell had a nice booth. Don’t you”

There is one area that always has some important document of Panama. This year there were two documents about the expansion of the Canal. Last year, they had the document President Carter signed, returning the Canal to Panama’s control. Here are this year’s documents.

If you want to get a hot tub, see these two ladies.

La Prensa had a nice booth. Arline, on the right, tried to talk me into taking out a subscription. Her English was very good.

This booth can provide you with garage doors and other items for your site. www.herreriasantiago.com

I don’t remember what this booth was showing, but I will take two.

This was a professor in UNACHI in David. She was an interesting lady and if I remember correctly, she was in the business area of UNACHI.

Well, that concludes my 2008 visit to the International Fair of David. Go HERE to see 2007’s post, and HERE to see 2006’s.

27 thoughts on “Feria Internacional de David – 2008

  1. Beautiful and interesting photos….the colours are so lovely.
    I think I may have to put this on my list of things to do…

  2. Thanks for all the great photos. This Sunday AM at 3 o’clock I heard some loud music coming from the direction of the Feria…and I live several miles away. I read in La Prensa that about 300,000 people usually attend.

  3. Don: Thanks a bunch for the tour, since I think i won’t be able to attend this year. Great pictures! This is the biggest fair in Panama and if someone is around David during this time, he/she should visit it.

  4. Excellent tour of the fair…enjoyed the comments almost as much as the photos! Bob Stiff

  5. Hi Don ,

    Beautiful pictures !!

    Being a CCA(Certified Crop Advisor) I am really starting to warm up to the idea of visiting Panama. Having lived my entire life in Wisconsin the idea of running an Ag enterprise where crops are grown year around sounds really appealing. Would really love to come down and check it out.

    If you have any more pics,,please put them up.


  6. Great coverage, Don!

    We attended last year’s fair for a couple hours one evening and it was quite the scene.

  7. Don Ray:
    Thanks for taking me along to the Feria. I enjoyed your pictures a lot! I also enjoyed your Panama canal transit video. Since is form 2003, you can not get to see the “Puente Centenario” before the Pedro Miguel Locks because it was just in construction at that time.
    Jaime (chiricano, METO!)

  8. Hi Jaime. Glad you enjoyed the visit to the fair. Yes, I know the new bridge wasn’t in this video, but it is the best way I have seen to get the feel for transiting the canal without getting on a ship.

  9. Hi Don:

    Thank you so much for this post I love it. I grow up going to this fair, and last time I went there was in 2004, I miss my fair a lot.
    We are getting ready for our trip to Panama, we will be there April 5th, we are so excited about our trip, I’ll be taking my two kids for first time there, my daughter is 5 and my son is 8 months.
    I really enjoy your web site.

    Thanks, Jenizel

  10. Hi Jenizel. Thanks for dropping in and taking the time to leave a comment. Glad to hear that the site is providing something worth while for you. Hope you have a great time here with your kiddos.

  11. I’m from Chiriqui and it is so good to read this page and see pics. I miss the fair been here in the states for a couple of years. Going to Panama in June, we can’t wait to go to my Land Chiriqui.

  12. Hi Don,

    Thank you for all the excellent pictures and I’m glad you had a great time there, I went to the faire thanks to you Don.
    From Orlando, Florida
    Chiriqui Campeon METO!

  13. Great Fair, Don. Thanks for taking us. I see the Panamanian women are the same plain, simple countryfolk that I remember from our trip. My wife began calling them “OMG’s” which stood for what kept popping out of my mouth “oh my god”. When I got to that cowgirl, spurs or no spurs, I’d have to rest a spell. On a more level-headed note, that’s one hell of a fair they have there.

  14. Great story lines and awesome pics, as always, Don. You not only captured the look and feel of the fair, but you also helped my “men-friends” back in Canada to see we don’t just have beautiful flowers here in Panama.
    I got my wires all crossed up we spent most of our time looking for the Canada pavillion, which I had read was new this year, but I think it was at the fair before this one.

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