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Business Opportunity?

A good computer security engineer might have an opportunity as a consultant in Panama. I had to drive to downtown David today and for fun, I took my laptop and scanned for wireless connections.

I was surprised how many times I found up to 5 or 6 wireless networks that were within range of my car. Many of the connections were for businesses. Some were non-business.

Some of both types were broadcasting their SSID and many were not using encryption. A network security analyst would go crazy. For maximum security, the broadcast SSID mode should not be enabled and at minimum they should be using WPA encryption.

The broadcast SSID mode is used to make it easy to connect. Security experts want it difficult to connect to a network. Thieves want it easy to connect.

If you know of people that are running a wireless network, ask them if they have “Broadcast SSID” enabled. If they don’t know what you are talking about, then they probably do. The next question would be, “What type of encryption are you using – WEP or WPA?” If you get another glazed look, then they probably don’t have encryption enabled.

If you know a Panama business that is using wireless networking within their office, then the same questions could apply.

Big brother may not be watching, but there is a good chance that somebody is.

Chiriquí Chatter Amigo Map

It has been a while since I mentioned the Chiriquí Chatter Amigo Map. If you haven’t added yourself to the map, then now is as good a time as any. This map allows you to add a photo and to tell others about your interest in Chiriquí. Just click on the image above.

There is also another map, that displays where readers are located throughout the world. This is an interactive map and you can watch as people enter and leave the site. To see it, click HERE, and then click on the “MAP” tab. Both of these maps are also located on the right sidebar.

I will also remind you that I have added chat capability. You can use Yahoo messenger, Microsoft messenger or SKYPE. Both of the messengers will require the approval process of the messengers.

SKYPE will not normally be activate, so you may have to request me to turn it on. SKYPE does provide video capability.

For more information see the information related to chat in the sidebar to the right.

Now go have fun and thanks for dropping in.

Arabian Nights and Turkish Delights

I received the following invitation that might also interest you.

Arabian Nights and Turkish Delights
Host: Pamela Pankratz
Location:The Zapadora in Porterillos Abajo
When: Saturday, April 5, 12:00PM
Phone: (507) 6527-5584

The Supreme Ruler invites you to the Grand unveiling of her latest treasures from the Middle East

Iron work galore, unique chandeliers and lamps, marble topped tables,
wrought iron bistro chairs and bar stools, antique church pews
mosaic pots of all sizes…..and so much more!

Saturday 5th April, 2008
12 PM – 5 PM

Music, Belly Dancing….and a Magical Genie

Delectable bites and beverages available from
Cafe de Mariposa Azul

Sofia Goes To Pizza Hut

Sofia has come to visit and yesterday, when I asked her what she wanted to eat, she said, “PIZZA”. Now I like a female than can make a decision!

When I asked her where, she said “Pizza Hut”. Even better, all decisions were easily made and off we went.

Now that we are here, Sofia, what kind of pizza do you want. Ah, I knew it couldn’t last. I may have to take over from here and start making the decisions.
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How come stealing from one book is plagiarism, but stealing from many is research?

David Auto Rental Companies

While I was at the airport today, I picked up the business cards for the car rental companies that were at the airport. I have created a separate post for each company. Hopefully the information will help those that are looking for rental car accommodations in David.

If you use the companies and want to report your experience, it would be better to post a comment on that company’s individual post rather than this post. Also if you find that this information is out of date, I will try to update it.

This post will act as a index to all rental car companies in David that I know about.

I am not associated with any of these companies and know nothing about their rates. Also don’t write asking for a recommendation. I have told you all I know.

The companies, as I know them today, are: