David Yahoo Group At Stella’s Marina

Yesterday, the David Yahoo Group had its evening meeting at Stella’s Marina in Pedregal. It had been about 3 months since my last visit to this restaurant.

I normally eat light in the evening, but I couldn’t pass up the fried shrimp special for $8. I didn’t take a photo, but it was a lot of food. Enough that the one plate fed two. 15 nice sized shrimp, French fries, and vegetables. Really a bargain for what I received. I also got a slice of the lemon pie to go.

As you can see from the photo, we had a good turnout for the yahoo group. However, even without our turnout, there was a good crowd. I guess the word has gotten around that the marina has a great restaurant.

I stopped and talked to the owner, Walter Unholz and told him my meal was as good as the first time I ate there. It is obvious that an owner being on site is important to the quality of a restaurant remaining high. Thanks for the great food Walter, I will be back!

4 thoughts on “David Yahoo Group At Stella’s Marina

  1. Thanks for mentioning us again on your site. Stellas was very good. Everyone asked really enjoyed their meal!. See you at the next get together.

  2. Hi Shirley.

    Thanks for dropping in. I enjoyed my meal very much. It is always good to get out. I guess you noticed, as I did, that the hamburger place is closed to complete the remodeling.

  3. Don,
    The one guy on the left looks happy.. maybe just a hot day? I look at the pic and it reminds ME that losing weight should be a priority when considering longevity & enjoying my ‘golden’ years!
    PS. How do you find the quality of health care in Panama? So far, so good here…

  4. Hi KK. Interesting that you asked about health care today. I just got back from accompanying an individual to the Chiriquí Hospital for a hernia operation. It was done orthoscopically and I was very impressed with the hospital, the nurses and the doctor.

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