LG = Life’s Good

Closing out the LG Monitor saga. LG made good on their warranty. They issued credit for my entire purchase price. I couldn’t be happier. I went from a 17 inch wide-screen plasma monitor that also included a built in TV to a 22 inch wide-screen monitor and a gift certificate for the balance.

This new monitor is incredible. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Life is Good.

9 thoughts on “LG = Life’s Good

  1. I have a used 19 inch. I do not think I will ever go back to anything smaller. Maybe I will do a 22 inch next time.

  2. ye can’t beat a decent sized monitor. My only problem with monitors, is that what one see’s on one monitor is often different from what is visible on another e.g. colours can be dramatically different. This is an issue when creating website images in photoshop; and/or designing websites.

  3. True Don, there is more uniformity now across the skinny monitors. But for professionals, into web design and photoshop, I wonder if the skinnies are yet up to the quality of the big old fatty monitors.

  4. After playing with my previous plasma monitor and now this one, I don’t miss the “fattys” a bit. Plus, I can pick this one up without getting a hernia! 🙂

  5. LOL Skinnies definitely are the way to go. My laptop, was my first skinny, and I love it for many reasons. Though skinnies (least the ones I have seen, used or read about) have limitations re design purposes. Maybe the very expensive skinnies are ok on this score.

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