As They Say In Texas, “Eee Ha”

My Asus Eee arrived from the US today. I had been wanting a small laptop PC to carry with me on trips. Last summer when I was in Oklahoma and Texas, I was in a couple of motels that had wireless Internet service and I had no PC. I have now solved that problem.

This is an ASUS Eee PC. It only has 4 Gig of storage memory, but I also purchased a 8 gig flash card, so I effectively have 12 gig.It uses a Linux operating system, so the amount of memory I have is fine for my purposes. The price through Amazon was $441.61 for the PC and flash memory.

The problem with most laptops is that they are large, heavy and probably require a briefcase to tote them around. This one weighs 2 pounds and is about the size of two of my paperbacks laying side by side.

I charged the battery and it was ready to go. I tested it both on my LAN as well as with wireless and it worked flawlessly. Now if I had just one one of those TACA tickets, I would be good to go.

17 thoughts on “As They Say In Texas, “Eee Ha”

  1. Don Ray:

    I don’t understand what you mean by “only” 4 gigs of memory. Isn’t one gig normal and two gigs considered very good?

  2. I have corrected the writeup to say 4 gigs of storage memory. It has 512 meg of memory, which is what you were thinking I was talking about.

  3. Hello again:

    Yes, afterwards I realized that I should have seen what you meant. I am not familiar with these micro computers. Could it be set up as you would with the MiniMac? What does it have for USB ports?


  4. Congratulations for your new laptop:)
    Also I have new one. I payed from it 499 € , it makes today a lot more dollars, but it was cheap one here, Packard Bell AC200.
    It is very fine, when I travel by train. I can use there Internet by mobile ADSLconnection.
    Nice times to you!

  5. Tpm. It has 3 USB ports, built in webcam and mic, jacks phone and either net and a slot for flash memory. It uses Xandros Linus, which appears to fe fine for the moment. I still have a lot to learn.

    Hi Omar. That is the plan. I just hope I have enough memory to move photos from a camera to the PC.

    Hi Leena. And congratulations to you as well. I am curious. Your trains have ADSL connections? Your PC is a lot mor powerful, but I was going for size to make it easy to carry as well as being cheap in case it got stolen.

  6. Congratularions on your new PC!!! Only two pounds. . .
    Iam going to include something like that in my next Christmas Wish List!! 🙂

  7. Congrats Don, it looks like a real nifty little laptop.

    Like Tom, I was initially confused too re the 4GB of memory reference – and was cussing my luck that I had bought a laptop last year, costing 1500 dollars, and it had only a mere one GB of RAM.

    A gringo in Volcancito told me last year that she was getting a new pc, built by Dell…in some factory in a neighbouring country (I forget which one…..don’t think it was CR). I might explore that avenue and see if I can get a good deal.

  8. Hi Lilia and Sunshine. My objective was to get something small, cheap (Laptops sometimes get stolen) and I wanted it to have wireless. Using Linux allows it to use minimal memory and be safe from viruses.

  9. Keep us informed about how you like it. I’m considering this one myself. BTW, does it play music and DVDs? I know it has a small screen.

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