Osa Palmas Bar and Restaurante in La Palma Costa Rica

Our outing for today will be to go to the Osa Palmas restaurant in La Palmas. Some one will have to tell you how to drive there, because the are no sign, but La Palma is small and everyone will know where it is.The restaurant is located at the top of of one of the largest hills and has a good view of the Pacific. The drive up the the winding road will convince you that you don’t want to be having a lot of drinks and driving back after dark.

Following is the entrance to the restaurant.

The inside of the restaurant is a large wide open area.

Here are a couple views looking toward the Pacific.

This is a stairway leading to an even higher viewing window.

Here is the menu.

I had three chalupas. Very good!

Another had Sancocho Mexicana. Don’t be expecting anything like Panama Sancocho. I tried it and it was good as well.

Eventually they will have this following website active. – http://www.osapalmaslodge.com/
Until then, Chiriquí Chatter may be their web presence.

For reservations:
(506) 735-1234
(596) 380-5291
Email: osapalmas@gmail.com
Directions : 300 Mtrs Sur y 700 Mtrs Este del Almacén La Palma
La palma, Peninsula de Osa – Costa Rica

4 thoughts on “Osa Palmas Bar and Restaurante in La Palma Costa Rica

  1. dear don ray,

    everything looks so inviting & yummy! we first thought we wanted to go to costa rica but not after we saw chirqui!
    frank & i are planning a trip in april hope you are around so we can take you out to thank you for your blog. thank you ellen

  2. Don,
    I’m wondering if you’ve noticed the beautiful chicas in CR? I’ve found that here, in the ‘southern zone’ the babes are mui linda. Not so much around the Cartago area.. but also in San Jose. But I was wondering if you have a sore neck after your travels. I seem to suffer from that malady every time I venture into San Isidro!
    It’s a downright DANGEROUS trip!

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