Restaurante Acropolis in Volcan

This was my first time to eat at this restaurant in Volcan. I have had others tell me it was good, so we tried it out a couple of weeks ago. To get to the restaurant, just drive to the “Y” and stay to the left. If you watch to the left, you will see a sign.

We had a good time talking to George Babos who owns the restaurant.

The menu is very Greek and ample. It follows.

One of the plates was ¼ of fried chicken.

Here was a Greek Salad.

I had Mousaka.

Here was Suvolaki.

Another had Pastitso.

We all topped off the meal with Bakalava.

All of the meals got high marks. I will go back.

If you drop in to Restaurante Acropolis, tell George Babos you heard of the restaurant on Chiriquí Chatter.

12 thoughts on “Restaurante Acropolis in Volcan

  1. DR…….

    Ya know….. six months ago I quit smoking – so far – successfully. And like most, I have been gaining a bit of weight. The natural assumption is that the weight gain is a direct result of not smoking.

    But I have analyzed it and have come to the conclusion that although that might be a contributing factor, the primary reason for MY weight gain is seeing all your pictures of meals!

    I’ll have an order of Fried Chicken and a Greek Salad por favor!

  2. Charlotte:
    Glad to see you got to experience the Acropolis, and the phenomenon named George. Don and I have been popping in on George for the past two years, when in Panama. Love his food. Love his stories. Heck, I just love Greeks! But that’s another story.
    George is one of my favorite reasons for going to Volcan. It’s always a pleasure and an adventure to be in his company.
    Yep. I’m a big fan!

  3. Hi Werner. Thanks for the comment. I am sorry to hear that. It was a good place to go and I am surprised to hear that it is closed.

  4. Hey Don Ray,

    Walda and I were thinking of going to Acropolis tomorrow, Mother’s Day, but we keep getting a CW recording we don’t understand. Is Acropolis still in business?

    I know you’re out of the country, but if you happen to see this, please respond.

    Thank you,


  5. HI

    We live in Volcan. As far as I know the Acropolis has been closed for a long time now.


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