Monitor Saga May Be Coming To An End

I went by Electrónica Nacional to see what they had learned from LG about the Monitor replacement or credit. LG is going to issue credit for the purchase price in Panafoto in Panama City.

To prevent having to make a trip to Panama City to complete the transaction, they have agreed to allow me to have a representative, of mine, handle it for me. All I need to do now is send the purchase receipt to my representative.

Luckily, I have someone in Panama City that has agreed to do this for me. Stay tuned to see if it works as easy as it should work.

3 thoughts on “Monitor Saga May Be Coming To An End

  1. Wow Don, about time you got some movement on this. So it appears that LG will make good on their warranty, great. This is good news even if it took forever.

  2. When you live in Panama, you have to remember that all things run on a Panama time scale. I sent all paperwork to Panama today. We will see if any more snags appear. I am thinking positive.

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