Pizza Hut Is Watching

I received the following nice email from Pizza Hut’s management in Panama, related to my recent post.

Hi Don,

I am the General Manager for the Pizza Hut Brand in Panama. I read the comments on your webpage and I am truly sorry for the experience in The PH Chiriquí store. We have definitely have been pleasantly surprised by the reception that the Chiriquí province has given us. We did not expect the amount of people that are visiting us and we are trying to speed up the learning curve.

What you experienced hopefully was an isolated experience yet I do not discard any type of mishaps with other guests. I would like to offer you and your friend that accompanied you a personalized visit (as every visit should be) to our restaurant. If you would like I can call you to set it up. Please send me your E-mail or your cell number.
Once again, I am truly sorry for the experience you had at our new restaurant.

Best regards,

Joshua Henriquez

Pizza Hut General Manager Panama

I was surprised that Joshua would take time, out of his busy schedule, to write me. However, I am pleased that he is interested in making all eating experiences in Pizza Hut a pleasant experience. That attitude wins me over every time.

I thank Joshua for his more than generous offer, but it isn’t necessary. I know that new startups are a challenge and it is even more difficult, when you are drawing the size crowds that they are drawing.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and Joshua’s attitude gets two thumbs up from me.

6 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Is Watching

  1. Hi d@rWIN. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I am sure things will settle down as soon as the newness wears off, but I will remember to ask for you.

  2. Don, ¿are you sure that don’t eat at electrónica nacional?
    give a break to Joshua, is his first week, and Joshua speak english better than other general manager restaurant in area…of course, not me. 🙂 🙂

    Where is our humour sense? running all day, time for lunch must be a relaxed time, “siesta” is important, maybe Pizza Hut in David still don’t understand that “siesta” is after lunch, but is ok, sure next week they will understand and solve it.

    Ah, Joshua, when delivery service? i am addicted to suprema, but Bertha wants me here all day.
    Good luck.

    Rest. Renegado
    Overseas General Manager
    just kidding… 🙂

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