LG Monitor Replacement Saga Continues

I went back to Electrónica Nacional this morning to see what LG had come up with for their proposed replacement offer. When I bought this monitor I paid $600 plus tax. I paid that much because at that time I needed a television and a monitor and it handled both functions.

LG’s offer was for either a 19 inch monitor or a 15 inch television (one or the other). Together, they would not cost what I paid. If they offered both to replace the functions I had, I would have accepted, but a $200 monitor or a $200 TV is not an “equal to or better than” replacement.

They are now in the process of seeing if they can issue a credit for the purchase price with Panafoto, where I originally purchased the device. I will not hear the final resolution until after next weeks holiday.

At least progress is being made.

I would like to thank Electrónica Nacional, and especially Johana Saldaña for their efforts. Johana has spent an enormous amount of time on the telephone, with LG, in my behalf. She is a charming young lady, and I really appreciate her hard work. Johana is featured in the photo at the beginning of this post. If you happen to go into Electrónica Nacional, tell Johana that you saw her photo On Chiriquí Chatter.

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  1. Was thinking of buying an LG product but your experience is giving me second thoughts. Too bad they don’t have a Better Business Bureau facility in this country.

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