Pizza Hut Adventure

Jerry and I decided to give Pizza Hut a trial today. It has been open for four days now and we hoped that the normal startup problems would be past. We were too optimistic.

We arrived about noon, only to find out that today they would not be opening until 1:00 PM. That wasn’t much of a problem, because we had several things that we could do to occupy an hours worth of time.

We went to Cable Onda to check on some things and then went to PriceSmart. I found something in PriceSmart’s clearance area I wanted to get the price of, but after waiting 30 minutes for them to find the price, we were told that the person that know the prices was not at work today. See how easy it is to use an hours worth of time.

We returned to Pizza Hut. It was not about 1:15 PM. It was full. We were immediately seated and the order was taken promptly. That is the end of the good news for today’s visit.

While we were waiting, I commented that I thought it was hot in the restaurant. Then I noticed that the doors were open to the outside and the AC was not operating. Bummer!

Both Jerry and I ordered from the lunch menu. He and I both ordered the lunch sized Supreme pizza. They came with bread sticks and bottomless sodas. Jerry also ordered an order of Chicken wings.

The sodas came out in about 10 minutes. The pizzas came out about 10 minutes after the sodas. The chicken wings never came out.

The quality of the food was typical Pizza Hut quality. If you like Pizza Hut then you would probably be satisfied. Here is a photo of my pizza. I thought the Supreme pizza photo in the menu had both red and green pepper slices on it. What I received, had no red slices. Overall, of the pizzas I have had in David, this one might come in third place.

We requested our bills and started our wait. Fifteen minutes later, I asked another waitress to see what was taking so long. Five minutes later the bills came out.

Jerry’s bill contained the charge for the chicken wings that he never received. He found out that they had run out of chicken wings, but neglected to take it off his bill. When he checked on having the charge removed, it became so complicated, that he just paid for the entire bill (including the missing wings) and we left.

I guess on a scale of 1 to 10, today’s visit was no higher than a 2. I really have no interest in going back until they work out more of their flaws. I guarantee, I will never eat there again, if the AC is not working. When the bugs are worked out, this may be a worthwhile eating option. Until then, eat at your own risk.

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  1. You know Don,
    Your pizza hut experience pretty well describes how the whole country operates in my experience. I’ve been here now off and on for two years and at times ask myself why. The same answer always pops up in my head–no taxes! Lordy! the neverending screwups here makes one lose patience though.

  2. Hi pieter,

    When TGI Friday’s got ready to open, they went through several days of private training sessions so that the staff would be prepared. Any new operation has a learning curve to go through. However, I have seen no evidence that Pizza did much preparing to open. I think in another couple of weeks things will settle down.

    This is a US corporation and there is really no excuse for a bad start up. This is one of those franchises that have a lot of experience in opening new locations. I don’t blame Panama for the current problems.

  3. 10’+10’+15’+5′ = “black rice” (paella de arroz negro), well, we need only 25’…. :)…..ah, i was waiting for a year for “suprema”, i like it. but i preffer my black rice, of course.

  4. We had poor service as well. If you don’t see an active floor manager in any of these franchises (like in Panamá City) then you can expect this kind of service. Our Pizza was lukewarm, soggy, and the restroom trash was overflowing with hand towels strewn on the floor. They must have had 10 workers that day and most were flirting with each other! I give them a “2” at best!

  5. They were still working on finishing the steps to the entry to the restaurant yesterday. They obviously were not ready to open when they did.

  6. My lunch “single” pizza was $3.95 with another $1.00 because I ordered Supreme. That also included refillable soda and bread sticks. The price was not the problem.

    I was going to take photos of the menu, but it was too uncomfortable, and I just didn’t.

    They have more than just Pizza. They also have a lot of pasta dishes. I will try to get other prices another day.

  7. Hey Don Ray, they just killed the cow too quick.

    All and all, I’d say if that was the worst part of your day, it was a pretty good one. Reminds me of the time in North Carolina, I was with several people and we ordered too large pizzas. But only one came and with a different waitress. A few minutes later the second arrived and we asked for an explanation. It seems the first waitress dropped the second pizza on the floor, the cook yelled at her, and she quit. As for your story about waiting to get a price, I recently had a similar experience in Florida. It isn’t just in Panama.

  8. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for adding a comment. If the AC had been running, the experience would have been greatly improved. The flavor of the pizza was ok. I am use to waiting, so that isn’t a big deal. Waiting with sweat running down my armpits sort of dampened my spirits. 🙂

  9. I think Tamburrelli’s is the best I have had recently. Domino’s is next for me. Pizza Hut will probably be ok, when they get the bugs worked out.

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