Passports for Minors – Parental Consent & New Passports Fees

I just received the following ACS message:

Date: 29 January 2008
To: U.S. Embassy Warden System

Subject: Passports for Minors – Parental Consent – New Passports Fees

To protect children from abduction, and to address concerns regarding runaway children, beginning February 1, both parents will be required to personally appear at a passport acceptance facility, passport agency or U.S. consular section abroad with minor applicants under the age of 16 (up from age 14) and sign the application.

New application forms as well as new passport fees, and updated information on applying for a Passport will be available February 1 at

4 thoughts on “Passports for Minors – Parental Consent & New Passports Fees

  1. Has nothing to do with message, but I just returned from a week in your town and would like to thank everyone for helping this non spanish speaking Gringo, strangers went out of ther way to point me in the right direction and were very pleasant. I see much progress since my last visit in 05. I will be back soon and would like to look at property near the coasts. Thanks

  2. Don,
    I just fired out these forms to the States in order to obtain passports for 2 minors. I’ll let u know how it works out but I suspect most of your readers have children over the age of 16.. Supposedly, the representative of the Dept of State or whoever issues passports said it would be ‘OK’ to have my signature notarized here, which I had an attorney do. We’ll see.. Also new border rules are apparently in effect for US borders. I believe Yahoo is carrying the story today.

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