Dental Esthetic Special For February

I just received information from Dra. Miriam Rodriguez, that she is having a special in her clinic (Dental Esthetic) for the month of February.

Here are the prices for the February promotions. These prices are two for the price of one :

  • Teeth cleaning, which includes using an inter oral camera, normally scheduled on Tuesdays – $30.
  • Teeth whitening for the upper teeth, excluding the molars, normally scheduled on Fridays – $165.00

To be clear, the first person’s price is $30 or $165 and the second person’s price for the same item is $0.

Here are the phone numbers to make an appointment:

Office – 730-2826
Cell – 6-710-2883
Home – 730-3291

Email –

Don’t forget, if you see Dra. Miriam Rodriguez, tell her that you read about her clinic in Chiriquí Chatter.

2 thoughts on “Dental Esthetic Special For February

  1. Hey Don,

    You made note of Dental Specials…….are you aware of or is there dental facilities in David that do oral extractions and work like installing bridges and perhaps upper & lower dentures?

  2. I am sure there are, but I can’t say that I know of any personally. You might write the email address for Dr. Rodriguez and see if she can make a recommendation.

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