Feria de la Candelaria

I received the following email about a fair in Concepcion. I am sure it is going on other days, but I haven’t seen a schedule. It may be going on now for all I know.

American Style Oldies at the Feria de la Candelaria

Fans of American Style Oldies will be able to rock and roll at the Feria de la Candelaria, in Concepcion (Bugaba) on Sunday, January 27th, at 11 PM. The band, Panamaniacs, will be presenting songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, including some latin selections popular in the USA. This band, which consists of 4 North Americans, an Ecuadorian, and a Panamanian, hails from Volcan, and has been playing together for the past year. So plan on catching the tunes you remember; poodle skirts and Nehru jackets optional. This is sure to be a great ending to your day at the fair.

2 thoughts on “Feria de la Candelaria

  1. Nice to see you yesterday. The Concepcion Fair has always been a good one, especially the agriculture area; years ago, I went and found beautiful hydroponic tomatoes; though I have yet to try to master the method, lots of good ideas there. It’s really one of the best fairs in Chiriqui.

  2. Hi Hal. Thanks for dropping in. Thanks also for keeping the shelves filled in the BookMark. I never lack for good reading material, because of your efforts there!

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