Electrónica Nacional To The Rescue

Last night my LG monitor decided to bite the dust. Lucky for me, the monitor had a 3 year warrenty and it doesn’t expire until July of this year.I took it to Electrónica Nacional this morning and this nice lady, in the photo below, is entering the service information. That is my monitor on the left.

I took another photo of the new service area in Electrónica Nacional’s new location. As you can see, this service center has really enlarged and is much nicer than the old location.

I was told that the monitor should be ready in 3 to 4 days. If that is true, then I should be back on my primary PC this week.

I hope that is true, because it is a little more difficult to do the things I do on this Mac Mini than it is on my Linux PC.

3 thoughts on “Electrónica Nacional To The Rescue

  1. Just saw this:
    “klblastone writes “The KDE desktop environment is going cross-platform with support for the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. In addition to porting the core KDE libraries and applications, developers are also porting popular KDE-based software like the Amarok audio player and the KOffice productivity suite. New KDE binaries for Windows were released yesterday and are now available from KDE mirrors through an automated installer program. The Mac OS X port is made available via BitTorrent in universal binary format.”

    You may be able to use your familiar Linux tools over on the Mac side too. Good luck – I’d just rather use the Mac stuff that works first time.

  2. Thanks Kelly.

    Personally, I will be excited to get back up on my Linux PC. Apple has been much harder to use and I am ready to get off of it. I think on Linux, I prefer Gnome as the base system, but I do use several KDE components.

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