Feeling A Little Flat Today

When I went to get in the car today, I noticed the left rear tire was low. I couldn’t see any reason, where it was parked, so I drove to the gas station to get it filled up. I was lucky, when I parked at the station, because I could see a large screw in the middle of the tire.

There are plenty of places to get tires fixed, but the closest and cheapest for me is on the Interamerican Highway going toward Panama City. After you pass the Fiesta Hotel on your left, you will see a Texaco gas station.

The place I use is on your right before you get to the Texaco station. Keep your eye peeled for an entrance with a tire on both sides of the entrance. You sort of have to know where to look or you will pass it. This place is open 24 hours a day, which can come in handy.

While a young lady fixed the flat, I was amused with two parrots playing in the rafters of the shop.

I was told that the larger one was six and the smaller one was one year old. The older one spoke several words and whistled the entire time I was there.

Here you can see that they got into a scuffle.

The large one won and the small one disappeared. That was about when the tire had been fixed and put back on the car. $2.50 You can’t beat that with a stick, especially when a cute young lady does the work. I may have been flat when I went in, but I was pumped up when I left.

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  1. Don Ray, does it ever worry you, doing things like that–putting a screw in your own tire so you can go get it fixed?

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