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I received a nice email, related to the post I did on the new TACA flights to and from David. The following contains the parts of the email, which I think will be of interest to you.

Dear Mr. Don Ray

Regards from Sansa REGIONAL Airlines

Let me introduce myself, I´m the commercial Manager for Sansa REGIONAL airlines. We operate domestic flights in CR and now will cross the border to David!

I saw your web site ( it looks great!), I was one of the persons in charge of organizing the event in Hotel Nacional, last jan 17th. “Our New Flights from David to San Jose (4 times a week , Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun) — effective : Feb 18th,08”

Today I was trying to get more information about Chiriquí …..And I saw your post …

So I just want to give you more information about this new product (attached you will find the time schedules, the best of this flight is that it allows all residents of Chiriquí to make immediate connections in San Jose to North America (100% customs and immigration is handled in David, San Jose will be only a stop over and change of gate, the luggage will be checked through to the final destination .. for example David – New York !)

In David you can get the tickets in various ways:
2. Our new offices in David; located at the same place of our Aeroperlas REGIONAL ticketing offices, (our airline sister!)
3. Call center in Panama: 206-8222
4. Travel agencies (for example ” Viajes David”, Viajes Fenix, etc etc)

This is our current network (Taca only); we as REGIONAL fly locally and in Central America (

If you need more information , please advise me!

Sincerely yours
Cesar A. Solis
Commercial Manager

To see the PDF, which contains information on the new flights, click HERE.

15 thoughts on “More TACA Flight information

  1. Don,
    What a nice, courteous message Ceasar sent you. I, for one, am impressed. Also, Taca airlines has been a pleasure to fly with.

    Betsy in Volcan

  2. Hi Betsy. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    Yes, it was a very courteous email. They are providing flights into a market that many people have been requesting.

  3. Hi don,

    This seems like great news…thanks for the heads up.

    Question: Can we fly to David this way from the US, or does the flight have to originate in David as a roundtrip? Just thought I would ask…maybe it’s on their website…hmmm!

  4. Hi Don,

    They need to update their web site to reflect the new destination. I could not get David to come up.

  5. If you put in DAV as your destination from the US it will give you prices. From Los Angeles round trip to David started at $671, I believe. The only flight from LA leaves at 2 AM and arrives in David around 2 pm. The flight from Arizona to LA would be around $109. The total price would be approximately $100 more than to fly to Panama City but then you’d have a taxi, hotel and then the $70 to fly to David the next day. I live two hours from the Phoenix airport and with the extra time for security I’d need to leave home by 5 pm one day and arrive in David at 2pm the next day. I could be up in Volcan by 3:30 or so. I wish they would fly from Phoenix. That would save me a lot of time.

  6. Hi Don, Thank you very much for the Taca information this will eliminate the trip to Panama City from David It will be so much easier. I am looking forward to just going to the Dvid airport and just make one stop in CR and continue on to LA! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  7. Carolyn,

    I can only take credit for posting the information. Now if I can only influence them to make it as easy for me to get to Texas, I will be happy.

  8. I’ll be flying to San Jose, CR from Walla Walla, Washington and will need to make connections to David.

    What time does the flight leave from San Jose?

    Need to know ASAP. Thanks, Helen

  9. Hi Roger. I have been told they have stopped until they get their new fleet of planes ready. I think they will have a connection again, but I doubt if it will be this year. If I find out different, I will post it.

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