Good Food, Good Conversation, and a Surprise

Last night I was invited to dinner, at the Hotel Gran Nacional, by some Chiriquí Chatter readers from Arlington, Virginia. It had been a while since I had eaten at the Gran Nacional. I had forgotten how tasty the barbecued chicken is.

I truly enjoyed my evening. The couple have plans to return to Chiriquí and make it their home, and I think Chiriquí will welcome them with open arms.

After dinner and on the way out of the hotel, I saw several ladies in polleras. This nice lady allowed me to take her photo.

I asked what the occasion was and I was told by a nice lady in a TACA uniform, that it was a tour promoting a new flight from San Jose to David.

Apparently, TACA is creating some new flights that will come to David from the US, via San Jose, without the need to spend the night in San Jose. This will be an alternative to flying from Houston or Miami to Panama City and spending the night before continuing to David.

This may be the beginning of easier air travel to David, Chiriquí.

I searched the Internet and found this announcement, related to the new TACA flights. Here is an excerpt:

Sansa of the Taca group will begin direct flights in February, 2008
The airline Sansa of the Taca group will begin direct flights in February, 2008 to the Panamanian town of David (Chiriquí) from San Jose of Costa Rica, as informed by the AAC of Panama, who, in addition, has already authorized the permits of usage of this route, and estimates that as of February 18th, 2008, the company will begin operations.

7 thoughts on “Good Food, Good Conversation, and a Surprise

  1. We plan to come to the Chiriqui area next year. We hadn’t considered flying to Costa Rica before reading this. I looked at the cost of flights from Chicago O’Hare, just to get an idea. Chicago to Panama City, about $737 each (total, with American Airlines), round trip. Chicago to San Jose, CR, about $320 each (total, with Mexicana Airlines). What a difference!!! The local flight is almost $100 higher SJO/David than PTY/David, but we would still save a lot! Thanks so much for the tip!

  2. Traveling from Missouri, we plan on being in David, during the February 16-20 time period. Your piece about San Jose/David airflights has got my wife and I interested. We are thinking of having some dental work done in David, if we can get a recommendation for a dentist there who can do deep scaling dental work. Can you recommend one? If that can’t be done, I wonder what a side trip to San Jose and back to David would cost. Do you have any information on ticket rates. We know a dentist in San Jose.

    We love your site.

    Bob y Marikita

  3. Don your dentist does he speak english? I am looking to get some implants any recommendations?
    Thanks Rob

  4. Hi Rob,

    She speaks some English. She has a very good book, with photos, that is in English that she has used with me on some items. You might go by and see her and see if you feel comfortable with being able to communicate well enough. I would be happy to help if you need it.

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