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Pizza Hut Is Watching

I received the following nice email from Pizza Hut’s management in Panama, related to my recent post.

Hi Don,

I am the General Manager for the Pizza Hut Brand in Panama. I read the comments on your webpage and I am truly sorry for the experience in The PH Chiriquí store. We have definitely have been pleasantly surprised by the reception that the Chiriquí province has given us. We did not expect the amount of people that are visiting us and we are trying to speed up the learning curve.

What you experienced hopefully was an isolated experience yet I do not discard any type of mishaps with other guests. I would like to offer you and your friend that accompanied you a personalized visit (as every visit should be) to our restaurant. If you would like I can call you to set it up. Please send me your E-mail or your cell number.
Once again, I am truly sorry for the experience you had at our new restaurant.

Best regards,

Joshua Henriquez

Pizza Hut General Manager Panama

I was surprised that Joshua would take time, out of his busy schedule, to write me. However, I am pleased that he is interested in making all eating experiences in Pizza Hut a pleasant experience. That attitude wins me over every time.

I thank Joshua for his more than generous offer, but it isn’t necessary. I know that new startups are a challenge and it is even more difficult, when you are drawing the size crowds that they are drawing.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and Joshua’s attitude gets two thumbs up from me.

LG Monitor Replacement Saga Continues

I went back to Electrónica Nacional this morning to see what LG had come up with for their proposed replacement offer. When I bought this monitor I paid $600 plus tax. I paid that much because at that time I needed a television and a monitor and it handled both functions.

LG’s offer was for either a 19 inch monitor or a 15 inch television (one or the other). Together, they would not cost what I paid. If they offered both to replace the functions I had, I would have accepted, but a $200 monitor or a $200 TV is not an “equal to or better than” replacement.

They are now in the process of seeing if they can issue a credit for the purchase price with Panafoto, where I originally purchased the device. I will not hear the final resolution until after next weeks holiday.

At least progress is being made.

I would like to thank Electrónica Nacional, and especially Johana Saldaña for their efforts. Johana has spent an enormous amount of time on the telephone, with LG, in my behalf. She is a charming young lady, and I really appreciate her hard work. Johana is featured in the photo at the beginning of this post. If you happen to go into Electrónica Nacional, tell Johana that you saw her photo On Chiriquí Chatter.

Amazing! You just hang something in your closet for a while, and it shrinks two sizes.

Fantastico Frangelico Cake

I am going to have some guests coming from Costa Rica and from Panama City, so I baked a cake. It has been a while since I have created anything in the kitchen. I know this is true, because several have told me. Today was the day. I modified a recipe and will name the cake, Fantastico Frangelico Cake.

My original recipe was for Kahlua cake, but I decided to experiment with some Frangelico liquor. It looks good and smells good, but the real test will have to wait until the guests arrive.

In case you are feeling adventurous, I will list the recipe below. Continue reading Fantastico Frangelico Cake

WOMEN Remember, as you get older you no longer have hot flashes. You now have power surges.

Passports for Minors – Parental Consent & New Passports Fees

I just received the following ACS message:

Date: 29 January 2008
To: U.S. Embassy Warden System

Subject: Passports for Minors – Parental Consent – New Passports Fees

To protect children from abduction, and to address concerns regarding runaway children, beginning February 1, both parents will be required to personally appear at a passport acceptance facility, passport agency or U.S. consular section abroad with minor applicants under the age of 16 (up from age 14) and sign the application.

New application forms as well as new passport fees, and updated information on applying for a Passport will be available February 1 at

Pizza Hut Adventure

Jerry and I decided to give Pizza Hut a trial today. It has been open for four days now and we hoped that the normal startup problems would be past. We were too optimistic.

We arrived about noon, only to find out that today they would not be opening until 1:00 PM. That wasn’t much of a problem, because we had several things that we could do to occupy an hours worth of time.

We went to Cable Onda to check on some things and then went to PriceSmart. I found something in PriceSmart’s clearance area I wanted to get the price of, but after waiting 30 minutes for them to find the price, we were told that the person that know the prices was not at work today. See how easy it is to use an hours worth of time.

We returned to Pizza Hut. It was not about 1:15 PM. It was full. We were immediately seated and the order was taken promptly. That is the end of the good news for today’s visit. Continue reading Pizza Hut Adventure

Dental Esthetic Special For February

I just received information from Dra. Miriam Rodriguez, that she is having a special in her clinic (Dental Esthetic) for the month of February.

Here are the prices for the February promotions. These prices are two for the price of one :

  • Teeth cleaning, which includes using an inter oral camera, normally scheduled on Tuesdays – $30.
  • Teeth whitening for the upper teeth, excluding the molars, normally scheduled on Fridays – $165.00

To be clear, the first person’s price is $30 or $165 and the second person’s price for the same item is $0.

Here are the phone numbers to make an appointment:

Office – 730-2826
Cell – 6-710-2883
Home – 730-3291

Email –

Don’t forget, if you see Dra. Miriam Rodriguez, tell her that you read about her clinic in Chiriquí Chatter.

You don’t stop laughing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop laughing.

Don’t Kill The Cow Too Quick

With my monitor being out on my primary PC, it forces me to do other activities. While I still check my email a couple of times a day, I have been filling in other time by reading, which I need to do more.

In the last four days, I have finished two books. One of them I read from start to finish, yesterday, and that is the subject of this post.

Here is how I came to move yesterday’s book to the front of my “to be read” book list.

The other evening, Lilliam and I decided to take a walk. It was cool and the air was pleasant so off we went. We retraced one of our normal routes through the nice neighbor hoods nearby. Continue reading Don’t Kill The Cow Too Quick