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Here’s To All Of The Chiriquí Chatter Family

Not long ago, I received a comment on a poem that I had written last year on Christmas Day. I had forgotten about writing it, but I think that how I felt then applies equally well today. Thanks for bringing so much joy into my life this year. I have enjoyed receiving all of your comments and feel like my extended family literally circles the globe now, as can be seen HERE. Click on “MAPS”.

I hope that you have a wonderful day today. I hope you have been as blessed in 2007 as I have. I also hope that 2008 brings you the best year ever. Click HERE to read the poem.

Chiriquí Chatter Other

I was just looking at the Chiriquí Chatter Photo Album and see that there have been 97940 viewings of the 2587 photos in the albums. The albums are organized by year and then by category withing year. If you have seen Boquete recently, you might like to see its photos in 2003 before the enormous change hit. If you click on the photos in the album, you will see a larger photo.

There is also a Chiriquí Chatter YouTube area that contains many videos of parades and other events that have occurred in Panama that I captured.

This may be my last non-scheduled post for a few days. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Make sure to give those you love the hugs and kisses they deserve.

Don Ray

I Didn’t Climb to the Top of the Food Chain to Be a Vegetarian.

David Super Ice Revisited

Back on December 5, I took some photos of the skating rink that has been set up in the Chiriquí Mall. At that time I was given a free ticket to use and today I returned to the mall to see how many would be skating.

This is the time of year when all of Panama’s schools are out for two months vacation. That is probably the reason that this rink is set up now and will be open into the middle of January.

They didn’t begin getting skaters until after 4:00PM. They said that the largest crowd would start coming around 6:00PM. Santa had some helpers to help the skaters get used to being on these types of skates. From left to right are three of these helpers (Sue Ellen, Larissa, and Stephany)
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Lie Down Beside Me

By Don Ray Williams
December 21, 2007

Come and lie down beside me.
Rest your head upon my chest.
Hold my hand gently,
And my dear, I’ll confess.

I have seen better days than these.
I was something in my youth.
I used to slay dragons with ease,
Before I became so long in the tooth.

You’ve missed my best of times.
I don’t have much more to give.
But you can have all my love in rhyme,
Even longer than I shall live.

Let’s not fret about the past.
For while I hold you in my arms,
Life must have saved its best for last,
Because I was smitten by your charms.

Don’t worry about the future.
Just live each day, that day.
And know that my love will nurture,
You more in every way.

Come and lie down beside me.
Rest your head upon my chest.
Let me tell you very simply,
When I found you, I was blessed.

Restaurant Polineth Will Help You Thai One On!

If you are into Thai food, I came across this review of a new Thai restaurant in Volcan called Polineth.

Volcan is a little too far for me to drive, just to have something to eat, but if I am up that way, I plan on stopping in. However, that might be the kiss of death. The last time I drove to Volcan and reviewed a Mexican restaurant, it closed within days.

Here is the review that was posted on one of the Yahoo Groups. Continue reading Restaurant Polineth Will Help You Thai One On!