One of the things I wanted to do, while I was in Panama City, was to go by the YOYTEC computer store.

I went with a friend who needed to purchase a couple of items. The computer store is not a “walk down each aisle” type of store. If you go there, you need to know exactly what it is that you need. The store has a service counter, where they take your order and retrieve the products from shelves that you can see in the background.

All of the products, I saw, were top quality. They had all the best named motherboards, powersupplies, CPUs etc. Their prices are very good. Actually, they are the best I have seen in Panama. Buying from YOYTEC, is like buying direct from the distributor.

I didn’t buy anything, but I did make an inquiry to see how hard it would be to order from the Internet and have it shipped to me in David. It is very easy. All I need to do is open an account and select the items I want from their website. They will then send me the bill and their account number in one of the local banks. I would then deposit the purchase amount in their account and receive the deposit slip. Then I just need to fax them a copy of the deposit slip and they will ship the order via Fletes Chavale.

With this information, you can do a better job of buying PC products in David. Check out what you want on the YOYTEC website, record the prices and comparative shop the local dealers. If their price is close enough, then buy it locally. If not, then you have another option.

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  1. I have accounts with two wholesale dealers in PC and Yoytec is competitive with them. Some items are a bit more, some a bit less, but most are about the same.


  2. Hi Henry. I will most likely use them as my bench mark for all future purchases in Panama. If a store can come close then I will buy locally, but if I can save a reasonable amount, then I will use YOYTEC.

  3. Thanks!
    I’ve just sent the URL to Don’s email address. He’s been stressin’ about where to buy parts/components in Panama when we finally land. He’s going to love this. He’s the Uber geek in the household, and an ubergeek in life. Will check it out when we come down end of next week.
    Since I’m here, (cyberly speaking) we’ll be in David/Chiriqui from Jan 12th – Jan 19th. Will contact you upon arrival in the area, and very much hope for a “live” encounter. Hasta luego.
    Best. Prospero Ano Nuevo
    P.S. That hamburgosa pic really looks yummy!

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