My Christmas Eve In Panama

Three generations of Panamanians helped me welcome in Christmas Morning.

Contrary to the rest of the year, the Christmas Eve dinner is large. Typically, I have adopted the habit of eating light in the evening. On Christmas Eve, we had ham, plantain, fruit, rice and a potato salad.

All the packages were opened that evening. This is really a good thing because it allows you to sleep late on Christmas Day. There were a few extra gifts that Santa left after the kiddos went to bed.

At midnight all of Panama lights up with fireworks. It goes on for at least 30 minutes and then begins to die down. Firecrackers will continue to go off at random from now until New Years when there will be another large display.

There is a large amount of fireworks sold at this time of year. Me, I just watch and listen.

8 thoughts on “My Christmas Eve In Panama

  1. Don,

    I’m glad you had a nice Christmas. We spent Christmas at my sister’s house in Manassas, VA. (where the temp. was 50 degrees) and had a wonderful meal. (Yes, I am watching what I eat). We got our best gift the next day when our son’s wife had a baby girl at 5:00 am. After 26 hours of labor, she was ready. See you in about 3 weeks.

  2. Christmas is a time to be with the family and when I say family I am including all the good friends that spend time with us and with whom we have created a special relationship. You have found a family in Panama so enjoy them and happy new year.

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  4. I really enjoyed reading your comments regarding your x-mas. I am having a good time with my family in Chiriqui after 5 years without spending the holidays with them. We have been to Boquete and Volcan so far. <i will send you some pictures later.

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