My Christmas Gift To Me

While I was in Panama City, I was able to buy a new printer to replace the old Canon printer that had died. I purchased an HP C6280 printer.

It has a built in network connection, so I am not able to print from any of my PCs via the local area network. It took me a while to get Linux setup to use the network, but that problem has now been solved. I haven’t tried the scanner via the network.

It also has slots to accept all digital camera memory. Now if I can use it to load the photos into my PCs I will be one happy camper.

What amazes me is that I bought it cheaper in Panama City than it is selling in the US at this time. So far I like the gift I gave myself.

4 thoughts on “My Christmas Gift To Me

  1. Don Ray,

    I take it you’ve connected your printer directly to your LAN. You should be able to print from any PC O/S (Linux, OS X, Windows). I’m curious why you can’t.

  2. Hi Tuxi. I am able to print from all systems. It just took me a while to configure it correctly in Linux.

    What I haven’t been able to do is use the scanner function under Linux. This is not currently a problem, since I still have my old Cannon scanner connected.

  3. Have you opened the HPLIP toolbox (under the System menu on my kubuntu system) and confirmed it’s configured for scanning? I see on the HPLIP page that this printer is supported for scanning.

  4. From what I have found on the Net, I think I need to download the latest version of HPLIP, but I haven’t been able to understand how to install it after downloading it.

    I think it is needed for this printer.

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