Going and Coming

While I was at the David Airport waiting to catch my 11:00 AM flight, I got the opportunity to have lunch. I hadn’t planned on eating prior to leaving, but since the 11:00 AM flight didn’t take place, due to equipment failure, eating seemed like the thing to do.

Luckily, Barnard’s is at the airport and it is one of the better eating options in David. I had been planing on trying the hamburger, so today was the day. It is a half pounder and the meat was seasoned and cooked well. It came with slaw that was very good, but the sautéed potatoes were outstanding. I was very happy with my meal.

Natalie had Chicken lasagna. She thought it was extremely good.

The replacement airplane finally arrived and we were able to make it to Panama City by 4:00 PM. All things considered, a three hour delay was not all that bad.

Natalie and I returned today and arrived about 11:00 AM. We decided to take advantage of another opportunity to eat before driving home.

I had Fish and Chips. I assumed it would come with French fries. Wrong, it came with rice. None the less, it was very good.

Natalie had a ginger and coconut fish and she was pleased.

There you have it. Bernard’s was lucky this time. It caught me going and coming.

10 thoughts on “Going and Coming

  1. Don,
    You’d better be more choosy with your grease quotient if you want to be around to collect all that social security!!
    The burgers here pretty much suck. It’s rumored that some folks still grind up horse meat and…….I believe it.
    We’re going to get a few cows of our own soon 4 sure.

  2. It is rumored that in Kentuky, hill billies still marry their cousins……..I believe it. I also believe we have to many kentukians in Chiriqui collecting their Social Security while eating horse meat burgers!

  3. Hi Oni,

    Thanks for dropping in. Actually, it is rumored that those that couldn’t spell Kentucky, were kicked out of Kentucky, because even their cousins wouldn’t have them.

    Best of luck and spend your Social Security wisely, if you ever get any.

  4. Dear Don,
    Just read your last write up for 07. And yes I did enjoy it, I do read your colum as well as the Boquete Guide. Yours is more to the people and I do like what you have to say.
    My wife and I are planning to relocate to your area in the comming year and I hope that I will be able to meet you.
    We now live in Wichita KS , and yes we did have a white Christmas but the weather will soon change. The forecast for the end of the week will be back in the 50ies. That will be nice.
    I have been to Panama twice, once to get my paper work done ,and the other was to pick it up. That was last Jan. and then in May. The two times I was there I was so impressed with the people and there country. They were so nice and even went out of there way to help. Yes Don it was a very nice experence. Anyway I will close with a Happy New Year to you and your family

    Regards, Corbin Poh

  5. Hi Corbin,

    Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. I also wish you a Happy New Year and I when you get her I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I do. I am usually around, so when you get here just drop me a line.

  6. Hi again,
    I just read that today is Language Day ( UNESCO): Anoche, mientras manejaba por la Ave. 1a Oeste, ( que pasa detrás de Romero Doleguita) ví con agradable sorpresa el anuncio de “Barnard´s: Fine Dining” a unas pocas cuadras de La Orquídea Floristería. Fantástico! No sé cuando abren al público.

  7. Having heard such good reports, we made a special trip to the airport to eat at Bernard’s. The menu looked fantastic; I wanted some of everything. The waiter was very accommodating, at first. And I must say, the food was exceptionally good. The service and management need a little help, however. Four of us ordered together. When the first soup came, there were no utensils on the table, and I had to ask for a spoon. Sometime later, the second soup came, again with no spoon. Quite a while later, one entree arrived. Some time after, the second entree came; again the waiter had to be called back and utensils asked for. At this point, the other two people at our table were informed that the “muchacha” in the kitchen had lost their order. Menus were brought back out. I asked for water all around. Much time after the second time I asked for water, one was brought. Much much later, after the third request for water for all, a pitcher was finally brought, with one wine glass. The waiter picked up a glass from the table that had had beer in it, sniffed it, and started to pour water into it but, perhaps from the funny looks he was getting, went off to bring another glass. He then picked up the other glass that had had beer in it, sniffed it, and was told to just go ahead and pour water in it. Although there were only a couple of other customers in this small restaurant, we had a hard time ever getting the waiter’s attention. What could have been a pleasant 45 minutes or so turned into a 2-1/2 hour ordeal. But, like I said, most of the food was delicious.

  8. Hi Suze. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    The food has always been good, when I was there, it Bernard was there. When he wasn’t I have heard that it is hit and miss. Bernard is in the process of opening another restaurant in David a little more central to every thing. My hope is after he gets less distracted all of the quality will return to the quality I have had in the past.

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