David Hotel Iberia Sur

A new hotel just opened up withing the last three weeks. It is Hotel Iberia Sur. It is very close to the original Hotel Iberia.

Here are two photos of the lobby.

Here is a photo of the front.

NOTE: Verify all rates prior to check in. The rates quoted below are a best effort by me to get rates.

The rates, I was quoted were $27.50 for a single with a full sized bed and $35.20 for a room with two full sized beds. If you stop in, tell them you read about them in Chiriquí Chatter.

Contact Information:
Tel. (507) 777-2002
Fax (507) 774-1950
Email – hoteliberia@cwpanama.net

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9 thoughts on “David Hotel Iberia Sur

  1. Hey Don!
    What’s the Gringo rate? The hotel up in Volcan didn’t give me a Gringo rate a few weeks ago, maybe the Iberia will?
    PS. Things going to hell in a handbasket over here in CR. The USSA has their hands in many hi-tech endeavors I’m not too hip on..
    IE: Hi tech surveillance & ID schemes.
    Hopefully this May or June will prove pivotal for Panama and people can better make retirement destination decisions.
    PPS. How’s the leg?

  2. Hi KK. I would imagine that the Iberia Sur will provide the same jubilado discounts that they do in the Iberia. The legs look like they are going to make it and will not need to be amputated. 🙂

  3. hola saludos necesito por favor reservar una habitacion para el dia 28 0 29 al 31 o el 1 de diciembre para (1) persona la reservacion a nombre de Eduardo garcia numero de pasaporte C1567506

    nota: necesito pronta respuesta de la disponibilidad de la reservacion atte: eduardo garcia

  4. hola saludos necesito por favor un reservacion para (1) persona desde el dia 29 al 01 de diciembre a nombre de Eduardo garcia numero de pasaporte C1567506 venezolano

    nota: por favor necesito pronta respuesta de la reservacion y la disponibilidad de la habitacion gracias

    ATTE: Eduardo Garcia

  5. quisiera saver si los precios son por cada dia que me hospede?, que me incluye en el hospedaje?… solo sere yo… gracias y espero su pronta respuesta.

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