Mother’s Day Lunch In David

Saturday was Mother’s Day in Panama. It was therefore a good reason to take a deserving mother out for a nice lunch. My First thought was Tamburrelli’s. I wasn’t the only one with that thought, because the restaurant was completely packed.

I then thought of Barnard’s, but upon arrival, I found that it wasn’t open.

Now that my patience was at an end and passing multiple other full restaurants, I decided to head to TGIF.

I knew it would be able to handle a few more hungry folks. While it was very full, there were still a couple of tables available and we had a seat.

I only took photos of my meal, since the other meals have been posted before. I had Chinese ribs. You can see from the photo that I was starved by the time they arrived and one rib disappeared before I remembered the camera.
Chinese Rib plate

There was a large amount of meat on the ribs and the sauce was great. Of course you can’t beat TGIF’s onion rings! The cold slaw was meager, but tasty. It was $12, but with the pensionado discount it became $9 and I felt they were as good as any ribs I have had in Panama.

I finished my meal with a special apple and cinnamon cheesecake. This is by far the best cheesecake in David and all things considered, the cheapest. Three of us enjoyed it and eat our fill. Other restaurants in David offering cheesecake could take lessons from this one.

Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake

I hope all you enjoyed my meal as much as I did.

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  1. I have also had bad experiences trying to look for restaurants on special dates in David.
    I will stop by to try that cheesecake.

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