I still haven’t resolved my video creation for YouTube to my satisfaction and while doing more research I stumbled onto another UBUNTU based Linus distribution. It is called UBUNTU Studio. I installed it on my backup PC and almost wish I had used this distribution as my primary distribution.

It comes prepackaged with more products that are aimed at audio and graphic enthusiast. Its desktop is a little dark for me, but it is growing on me. Of course, the desktop as well as any of the prepackaged applications could be added to the standard UBUNTU configuration.

Sometimes I just need to tinker with a different system and Linux makes it easy, since I can do it for free. While all components of Linux are free, every distribution is a little different from one packaged by another distributor. So far, I haven’t found any I like better than UBUNTU. However, I am downloading Mandriva 2008, just to give it a whirl.

Back in 2000, I liked Mandriva (Mandrake at that time) better than all the others I played with. It is going to take something I don’t expect to find, to make me switch from UBUNTU. I still enjoy trying out different distributions to see what they are doing different to attract people to download them.

As of now, would recommend UBUNTU Studio, if you want a system that is tailored for the audio and graphics enthusiast. UNUNTU if you just want a solid distribution with a strong Internet support base. I will let you know, if the Mandriva tickles my fancy.

2 thoughts on “UBUNTU Studio

  1. Keep up the comments on UBUNTU. When I finish here I will not buy a computer with an OS that keeps me broke!

  2. I have to admit that I have had better luck with UBUNTO than I would have expected. A few things could be a little better, but they would not make me return to Windows.

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